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Thursday, 22 January 2015

American Idol Recap – Auditions #5: Season 14 Episode 5

American Idol Recap - Auditions #5: Season 14 Episode 5

It’s another exciting night of American Idol on FOX with an all new Wednesday January 21, season 14 Episode 5 called “Auditions #5″ and we have your weekly recap below. On tonight’s episode, auditions are held in Kansas City, Mo.
On the last episode, everyone’s favorite singing competition continued with auditions to find those who had what it takes to become the next American Idol. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.
On tonight’s episode as per the FOX synopsis “the search for a superstar continues onto it’s fifth part, find out who get’s a chance at becoming the next as American Idol head to the birthplace of Jazz and Harry’s hometown – New Orleans!.”
Tonight’s show is going to be an exciting one, which I’m not going to miss and neither should you. Tune in tonight at 8 PM EST! Celeb Dirty Laundry is your go to place for all the up-to-date American Idol News and we’ll be recapping it right here for you. Do you have a favorite to win? Hit up the comments and let us know who you really like!
Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page often to get the current updates!
Tonight’s episode of American Idol kicks off with judges Jennifer Lopez, Harry Connick Jr, and Keith Urban arriving at the next round of auditions in Minneapolis. After a quick touch-up from their hair and make-up crew, the singers come filing in. Up first is 17 year old Minnesota native Shannon Berthiaume – and she has never sang in front of an audience before. She wows the judges with a rendition of “house Of The Rising Sun.” Harry says that he “digs her,” and J-Lo says she is a “crazy artistin the most beautiful way.” Keith Urban agrees and votes “yes,” Shannon is getting a Golden Ticket and going to Hollywood.
The next American Idol hopeful to audition in front of Jennifer, Keith, and Harry is Kemil Casey – and he has brought along his own gold microphone to sing in to. He attempts to sing “Human Nature” by Michael Jackson. The judges are speechless, Harry laughs that it was “oddly entertaining.” Keith laughs and says that Kemil “is a really great guy, but the vocals aren’t there.”
California native, Airforce wife, and mother of three Vanessa Andrea sings for theAmerican Idol judges next, even without a guitar strap she blows their minds. Jennifer gushes that Vanessa is “really great and she loves her style.” Vanessa calls her husband on her cell phone and lets the judges tell him that they are giving her a Golden Ticket and sending her to the next round in Hollywood.
The next singer to audition for the American Idol judges in Minneapolis is 20 year old Zach Johnson with a rendition of “Don’t Close Your Eyes.” Harry says that he “loves Zach’s energy and spirit and he likes his voice,” but he doesn’t understand why he sings with a country accent when he doesn’t speak with an accent. Keith agrees that he likes Zach a lot, and thinks he has a good voice so he votes “yes.” It’s up to Jennifer Lopez – she tells him to try singing without an accent, so he breaks in to another song. He manages to persuade the judges to give him a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.
Minnesota native and 26 year old Cindy Jo moonlights as a Pre-K teacher and outdoorswoman, sings a rendition of Patsy Cline’s “Crazy” for the American Idol judges. Jennifer says that she felt like “Cindy kept losing the melody of the song and was trying too hard to show off her voice.” Harry says that he really digs Cindy’s voice – but he felt like she was yelling at them. Jennifer votes “no,” and Keith Urban votes “yes.” So, it is up to Harry Connick Jr. He shocks everyone and votes “yes” and gives her a Golden Ticket to Hollywood.
The next American Idol hopeful is a YouTube star and Vegas performer named Jacob Tolliver. He entertains Jennifer, Keith, and Harry with a rendition of “Great Balls of Fire” on the piano. Harry is concerned because there is not any music like Jerry Lee Lewis on the piano. Keith is concerned because he wants to know if Jacob can actually sing or just copy other singers. Jacob sits back down at the piano and sings “Stay With Me.” Harry is pleased with his second song. Jennifer, Harry, and Keith all vote “yes” and give Jacob his Golden Ticket to Hollywood.
Hannah Mrozak, a 16 year old from Wisconsin, auditions next with Etta James’s“Gotta Hold On Me.” The judges are blown away, Jennifer can’t believe that she is on 16 years old and she can’t wait to see where she goes. The judges are unanimous and they all vote “yes” and give her a Golden Ticket to Hollywood. 21 year old Kristi Kroker sings “Kingdom Come” for the American Idol Judges, Jennifer says that hersong choice was “risky” and it felt like a high-school audition and not an American Idol judge. The judges break the news to her that she is not going to Hollywood.

Making of 'Lego Movie': 7 Years, a Trip to Denmark and a Race Against the Disney-Lucasfilm Deal Clock

When Dan Lin visited Lego's headquarters in Denmark in 2008 to pitch his idea for a movie based on the colorful plastic bricks, the producer was given the grand tour. He was shown the Lego archives, where samples of every Lego toy produced over the past 57 years (all 4,720 of them) are preserved for posterity. He visited a factory where some 19 billion blocks are manufactured each year. He even got a peek into Lego's top-secret design lab, secured behind a reinforced steel door and guarded by 24-hour surveillance cameras. "It was really cool," says Lin. "I got to see the future of toys."
Still, when he arrived at the tour's final leg, the office suites where he'd be pitching Lego executives his film, he got a cool reception. "Some were skeptical," he says. "They weren't rude or anything — they're Danish — but they didn't feel they needed a movie. They were already a very successful brand. Why take the risk? They were doing really well without a movie."
They're doing even better with one. Not only has The Lego Movie grossed $468 million worldwide for Warner Bros. since its February 2014 release, but last year it also helped boost sales of Lego toys by 15 percent, for the first time pushing Lego past Mattel to become the planet's biggest toymaker. And the franchise is just getting warmed up, with three more movies in the works. The first, Lego Ninjago, based on a martial-arts-themed Lego series, is slated for September 2016. The Lego Batman Movie, with Will Arnett again voicing a blockheaded Caped Crusader, is scheduled for 2017. And Lego Movie 2, chronicling the continuing adventures of hapless construction worker Emmet (voiced by Chris Pratt) — presumably with returning friends Wyldstyle (Elizabeth Banks), Superman (Channing Tatum) and a slew of other brand-crossing characters (Dumbledore, C-3PO,Shaquille O'Neal) — will be arriving in 2018.
It's all pretty remarkable for a film a lot of cynics thought would never stick. But like Emmet, the Taiwan-born Lin, 41 (best known as a producer on Robert Downey Jr.'s Sherlock Holmes movies), had a vision. "It was when I saw my 5-year-old playing with Lego," he says. "He had two bricks clicked together and he was running around the house flying them like they were a spaceship. They were just two bricks, but in his mind it was a much grander adventure. And I thought, 'Wow, what a creative toy — there should be a movie.' " (See more photos here.)
Read more From 'The Lego Movie' to 'Big Hero 6,' Directors of This Year's Top Animated Movies Reveal Their Favorite Scenes
Of course, toys are turned into films all the time. See: Michael Bay's TransformersPeter Berg'sBattleshipG.I. Joe. But figuring out what story to tell about these particular interlocking plastic parts was a challenge. "The whole idea with Lego bricks is that they're a blank slate that lets you create your own story," explains Lin. Unlike Transformers or other toys, Lego doesn't have a backstory. "There's no history to Lego characters. So how do you make a movie about them?"
Lin hired brothers Kevin and Dan Hageman, who had co-written Hotel Transylvania for Sony, to find the answer. Their treatment — about a little Lego man on a quest in a big Lego universe, with a third act reverting to live action — was what convinced the Lego executives to take a chance on Lin's idea ("Once we heard the pitch, how Dan felt he could bring the values of the brand to life, we started to think, 'This could be interesting,' " says Jill Wilfert, Lego's vp licensing and entertainment) and gave Warner Bros. the confidence to bankroll the project with a $60 million budget. Next, Lin hired Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who had done Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs for Sony, to direct the movie and flesh out the treatment into a shooting script. "There were a couple of elements [from the Hagemans' draft] that ended up in the movie," says Miller. "There was a pirate character that just had a head. And it was similar in spirit. But we extended it. Working on the script was a lot like building with Lego — we were taking things apart, putting pieces back on a little differently, making new things with them."
Read more 'Lego Movie' Producer Reveals How He Got Christopher Nolan to Approve of Lego Batman
One element Lord and Miller added was having Emmet interact with copyrighted characters like Batman and Han Solo. That created another challenge: wrangling licensed brands from different 

Kevin Costner's Gorgeous Daughter Lily Steals the Spotlight at Premiere


Black or White might be Kevin Costner's new movie, but at the Los Angeles premiere for the film on Tuesday, it was the star's wife and daughter who stole the show. In fact, upon first glance at photos from the evening, it's difficult to tell which gorgeous blonde is which.
Both Christine Baumgartner, Kevin's 40-year-old wife, Lily Costner (Kevin's 28-year-old daughter) stood beside him. As stunning as Baumgartner is, however, we couldn't help but be captivated by Lily.

View gallery
Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner, and Lily Costner at the premiere of 'Black or White' (Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic)

Christine Baumgartner, Kevin Costner, and Lily Costner at the premiere of 'Black or White' (Jason LaVeris/Film …
Clad in a slinky red cutout dress and simple black heels, she looked every bit the part of a movie star… even though she isn't one (technically). So, who is this beauty, exactly? Here's everything you need to know about Lily Costner.
Lily is the second-eldest in a very large, very modern family. Born in 1986 to Kevin and Cindy Costner, Lily has two full siblings (Annie, 30, and Joe, 26) as well as a whopping four much younger half-siblings (Liam, from Kevin's brief relationship with Bridget Rooney, as well as Cayden Wyatt, Hayes Logan, and Grace Avery, whom Kevin shares with Baumgartner).
Though Lily hasn't exactly followed in her father's footsteps to make acting a fulltime career, she has dabbled in Hollywood just the same. She made her silver screen debut when she was just 9 years old in the 1995 film based on the popular tween book series, The Babysitters Club. Two years later, she worked alongside dear old dad in his post-apocalyptic drama, The Postman. It appears that was enough of the movie industry for her however, as she never moved on from child star to grown-up roles (unless you count her serving as Miss Golden Globeback in 2004, which we don't).

View gallery
Lily Costner at the Rome Film Festival (Venturelli/WireImage)

Lily Costner at the Rome Film Festival 
Lily regularly spends time offstage with her famous father as well. Her appearance with Kevin at the premiere Tuesday night was hardly her first time on the red carpet. Last October, she stunned in a lace jumpsuit and cat-eye sunglasses at the Rome Film Festival, joining her dad for one of Black or White's first press conferences.

All things considered, though, Lily still flies relatively under the radar — but with those looks and that voice, this may not be the case for long.

'American Sniper': The Strategy Behind Warner Bros.' $107M Opening

Warner Bros. domestic distribution chief Dan Fellman can't count the number of times he has called Clint Eastwood over the years to relay opening-weekend box office. But never had he phoned with news like this: American Sniper was exploding. It was Saturday morning, Jan. 17, and Fellman informed the 84-year-old filmmaker, who lives in Carmel, Calif., and doesn't use email, that Sniperlooked to cross $80 million over the four-day weekend. Fellman wasn't planning on calling Eastwood again until Monday — but by late Saturday, it became clear that the $60 million-budgeted Sniper was surging to a historic $107.2 million North American launch. So he called again: "I've never seen anything like this in my career," he told Eastwood.
American Sniper's performance is a seminal event for Hollywood. Not only has the adaptation of the late Navy SEAL sharpshooter Chris Kyle's memoir energized Middle America, it also is resonating with more upscale, liberal audiences after landing six Oscar nominations, including best picture and best actor for Bradley CooperSniper recorded the top opening of all time for a non-tentpole, eclipsing the $83.8 million debut of Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ. And heated political debate around the film (Michael Moore suggested it is pro-war and that snipers are cowards; Sarah Palin thanked Eastwood and Cooper and lashed out at "Hollywood leftists" criticizing the film) has made it the talk of cable news and social media.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Jennifer Aniston Talks Struggle With Dyslexia, Not Being Pretty & Wanting Babies

.Jennifer Aniston is giving one of her most revealing interviews ever for the latest cover of The Hollywood Reporter, in which the beloved 45-year-old actress makes it clear that despite her current superstar status, life hasn't always been so rosy
Case in point? Her previously unknown struggle with dyslexia.
"I thought I wasn't smart. I just couldn't retain anything," she recalls. "Now I had this great discovery. I felt like all of my childhood trauma-dies, tragedies, dramas were explained."

View gallery
She also didn't have the most nurturing relationship with her mother, whom she admits she didn't speak to for years. These days, she says her family is "all fine."
"She was critical. She was very critical of me," she reveals about her childhood. "Because she was a model, she was gorgeous, stunning. I wasn't. I never was. I honestly still don't think of myself in that sort of light, which is fine. She was also very unforgiving. She would hold grudges that I just found so petty."
She recalls an incident that's particularly telling of their complicated relationship.
"She had a temper. I can't tolerate that," she explains. "If I get upset, I will discuss [things]. I will never scream and get hysterical like that. [But] I was never taught that I could scream. One time, I raised my voice to my mother, and I screamed at her, and she looked at me and burst out laughing. She was laughing at me [for] screaming back. And it was like a punch in my stomach."
But despite her rocky childhood, the usually very private Aniston reveals that she wants children of her own someday.
"Who knows if it's going to happen?" she says. "It's been a want. We're doing our best."
View gallery
As for the "we" in that situation -- her fiancé, writer/actor Justin Theroux -- she shares that it was his sense of humor that initially drew her to him. The two met while she was on vacation in Hawaii with Courteney Cox, and have been together for four years now.
"He's the easiest guy to hang around," she gushes. "He was so completely in his skin. It was the first time I remember being so comfortable [with a romantic interest], like with all my gay friends."
The two also share a surprising love for reality TV guilty pleasures, specifically ABC's The Bachelor.
"I'll say it out loud," Aniston laughs. "Last year, [friends] were saying, 'It's The Bachelor, it's premiering tonight! The Bachelor is premiering tonight!' And I was like, 'Oh, guys! Seriously? The Bachelor? That's been on for 15 years or something.' And Justin and I, just for fun, watched -- and two hours later, we were addicted. It was like junk food. We were sad when it ended."
View gallery
Despite her recent Oscar snub for her critically acclaimed performance in Cake, Aniston is clearly in a good place in her life. She's open about seeing a therapist, adhering to her strict meditation schedule and has absolutely no hard feelings when it comes to her endlessly talked about 2005 split from Brad Pitt.
"Nobody did anything wrong. You know what I mean?" she reflects. "It was just like, sometimes things [happen]. If the world only could just stop with the stupid, soap-opera bullsh*t. There’s no story. I mean, at this point it’s starting to become -- please, give more credit to these human beings.”
"We're not in daily communication," she adds. "But we wish nothing but wonderful things for each other."

Friday, 16 January 2015

Jennifer Aniston on Angelina Jolie Run-In: It's Time People Stop That Petty BS

View photo
Jennifer Aniston is clearly over the the media constantly pitting her against Angelina Jolie.
ET chatted with the Cake star on Friday -- who's been crossing paths with the Unbroken director during awards season, most recently at Thursday's Critics' Choice Awards -- and she has nothing but kind words for Jolie.

"I think that's slowly coming to an end. I really do," she said about talk of their reported rivalry. "I mean, that movie is so beautiful and wonderful and she did such a gorgeous job. I think that it's time people stop with that petty B.S. and just start celebrating great work and stop with the petty kind of silliness."
At this point she's not even frustrated by the constant speculation anymore, she's just ready for everyone to move on.
"It’s just tiresome and old," she added. "It's like an old leather shoe. Let's buy a new pair of shiny shoes."  Watch our interview with Jen above!
Reports of a feud between Aniston, 45, and Jolie, 39, started of course after she split with Brad Pitt in 2005 after five years of marriage. Pitt, 51, then entered into a relationship with Jolie after meeting on the set of 2005's Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Jolie later admitted to Vogue in 2006 that the two fell for each other during filming.

"It took until, really, the end of the shoot for us, I think, to realize that it might mean something more than we'd earlier allowed ourselves to believe," she said. "And both knowing that the reality of that was a big thing, something that was going to take a lot of serious consideration."
Pitt and Jolie tied the knot in a surprise wedding ceremony in France in August almost a decade later, and have six children together.
Since then, Aniston has also clearly moved on. The beloved Friendsstar has been engaged to actor/writer Justin Theroux for two years.
"It's almost impossible to get bored with one another. We've tried so hard!" she gushed about him in November to Harper's Bazaar. "And even that's interesting because his eyes are so pretty, but we can entertain ourselves and talk about endless things, which is pretty great." 
Pitt has been the topic of discussion for his famous exes recently, with his ex-fiancée Gwyneth Paltrow dishing on their three-year relationshipin a much talked-about interview with Howard Stern this week.

Jennifer Aniston Wows in a Sexy Red Tuxedo with a Dangerously Low Neckline at Critics' Choice Awards 2015

Seeing red!
The night of her Oscar snub, Jennifer Aniston looked fierce on the red carpet at the Critics' Choice Awards on Jan. 15.
                        Jennifer Aniston Wows in a Sexy Red Tuxedo with a Dangerously Low Neckline at Critics' Choice Awards 2015
The Cake star was radiant in a scarlet red Gucci tuxedo featuring a two-button blazer with a dangerously low neckline and flared pants. She even broke out of her monochromatic comfort zone by adding matching pointy-toed heels with the Spring Summer 2015 look.
                      Jennifer Aniston Wows in a Sexy Red Tuxedo with a Dangerously Low Neckline at Critics' Choice Awards 2015
Taking the sexy two-piece one step further, Aniston, 45, flaunted her cleavage by adding a few layers of eye-catching gold necklaces. And, of course, her hunky fiance Justin Theroux didn't hurt either. 
Although she's been trying out updos, Aniston stuck to her trademark look of sleek blonde locks. She finished the entire ensemble off with flirty lashes and a natural-colored, glossy lip.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Golden Globes 2015: The Winners

Joanne Froggatt
Frederic J. Brown/Getty
Joanne Froggatt holds the award for Best Supporting Actress.

Best Motion Picture, DramaBoyhoodFoxcatcherThe Imitation GameSelmaThe Theory of Everything
Best Motion Picture, Musical or Comedy

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Into the Woods


St Vincent
Best TV Series, Drama

The Affair

Downton Abbey

Game of Thrones

The Good Wife

House of Cards
Best TV Series, Musical or Comedy


Jane the Virgin

Orange Is the New Black

Silicon Valley
Best Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television


The Missing

The Normal Heart

Olive Kitteridge

True Detective
Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama
Eddie Redmayne, The Theory of EverythingSteve Carell, Foxcatcher
Benedict Cumberbatch, The Imitation Game
Jake Gyllenhaal, Nightcrawler
David Oyelowo, Selma
Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical

Michael Keaton, Birdman Ralph Fiennes, The Grand Budapest Hotel
Bill Murray, St. Vincent
Joaquin Phoenix, Inherent Vice
Christoph Waltz, Big Eyes
Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama
Julianne Moore, Still AliceJennifer Aniston, Cake
Felicity Jones, The Theory of Everything
Rosamund Pike, Gone Girl
Reese Witherspoon, Wild
Best Actor in a TV Series, Drama

Kevin Spacey,
 House of CardsClive Owen, The Knick
Liev Schreiber, Ray Donovan
James Spader, The Blacklist
Dominic West, The Affair
Best Actress in a TV Series, Drama

Ruth Wilson, The AffairClaire Danes, Homeland
Viola Davis, How to Get Away With Murder
Julianna Marguiles, The Good Wife
Robin Wright, House of Cards
Best Actor in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical

Jeffrey Tambor, TransparentLouis C.K., Louie
Don Cheadle, House of Lies
Ricky Gervais, Derek
William H. Macy, Shameless
Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical

Amy Adams, Big Eyes

Emily Blunt, Into the Woods
Helen Mirren, The Hundred-Foot Journey
Julianne Moore, Maps to the Stars
Quvenzhané Wallis, Annie
Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture

J.K. Simmons, Whiplash
Robert Duval, The Judge

Ethan Hawke, Boyhood

Edward Norton, Birdman
Mark Ruffalo, Foxcatcher
Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture

Patricia Arquette, Boyhood

Jessica Chastain, A Most Violent Year

Keira Knightley, The Imitation Game

Emma Stone, Birdman
Meryl Streep, Into the Woods
Best Actress in a TV Series, Comedy or Musical

Gina Rodriguez,
 Jane the VirginLena Dunham, Girls
Edie Falco, Nurse Jackie
Julia Louis Dreyfus, Veep
Taylor Schilling, Orange Is the New Black
Best Actor in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television

Billy Bob Thortnon, Fargo
Martin Freeman, Fargo
Woody Harrelson, True Detective

Matthew McConaughey, True Detective

Mark Ruffalo, The Normal Heart
Best Actress in a Mini-Series or a Motion Picture Made for Television

Maggie Gyllenhaal, The Honorable Woman
Jessica Lange, American Horror Story
Frances McDormand, Olive Kitteridge
Frances O’Connor, The Missing
Allison Tolman, Fargo
Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture for TV

Matt Bomer, The Normal Heart
Alan Cumming, The Good Wife
Colin Hanks, Fargo
Bill Murray, Olive Kitteridge
Jon Voight, Ray Donovan
Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture for TV

Joanne Froggatt, Downton AbbeyUzo Aduba, Orange Is the New Black

Kathy Bates, American Horror Story
Allison Janney, Mom
Michelle Monaghan, True Detective
Best Director, Motion Picture

Richard Linklater, Boyhood
Wes Anderson, The Grand Budapest Hotel

Ava DuVernay, Selma

David Fincher, Gone Girl

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu, Birdman
Best Screenplay, Motion Picture


Gone Girl

The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Imitation Game
Best Foreign-Language Feature


Force Majeure 


Gett: The Trial of Viviane Amsalem 

Tangerines Mandariinid 
Best Animated Feature

How to Train Your Dragon 2
Big Hero 6

The Book of Life

The Boxtrolls

The Lego Movie
Best Original Song, Motion Picture

"Glory," Selma"Big Eyes," Big Eyes
"Mercy Is," Noah
"Opportunity Is," Annie
"Yellow Flicker Beat," The Hunger Games: Mockingjay — Part 1
Best Original Score, Motion Picture

The Theory of Everything

Gone Girl

The Imitation Game


Golden Globes 2015 winners: Awards strike a sober note

The Golden Globe awards are normally considered a bit of a loose-limbed event, with the focus on red-carpet glitz, the hosting performance, and the possibility of gaffes. But this year, the ceremony delivered something no one could have anticipated; it was more politically aware than anyone could have expected, with acceptance speeches that struck a mostly serious note.
On the awards front, Richard Linklater's movie Boyhood took out the film honours, winning best film, best director, and best supporting actress for Patricia Arquette. His movie, filmed over 12 years, follows the life of a boy between the ages of six and 18.
The cast of <i>Boyhood</i> with their award for best motion picture - drama at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards.
The cast of Boyhood with their award for best motion picture - drama at the 72nd Golden Globe Awards. Photo: Reuters
 Two actors who are considered Oscar frontrunners were both winners: Julianne Moore, who plays a woman with Alzheimer's in Still Alice, and Michael Keaton, who plays a washed-up actor seeking Broadway credibility in BirdmaWhen it came to television, the Hollywood Foreign Press Association followed its tradition of singling out new shows, such as the transgender series Transparent and the comedy Jane The Virgin: the latter won best actress in a TV series comedy or musical, for Gina Rodriguez. And there are signs for TV's future, perhaps, in Transparent's win; not just its subject matter, but also the fact that it had a female showrunner, and was produced by Amazon.
The Golden Globes are a dinner-table event in which champagne flows freely, and this can sometimes have an impact on the winners' speeches. As Bette Midler tweeted before this year's ceremony: "At the Oscars, it's an honor just to be nominated. At the Globes, it's an honor [sic] to get obliterated! Bottoms up!" But the winners were sober, in both senses of the word, and there weren't too many jokes cracked.
Surprised at his win, actor Kevin Spacey drops the F-bomb at the Golden Globe Awards.
Surprised at his win, actor Kevin Spacey drops the F-bomb at the Golden Globe Awards. Photo: Getty Images
Hosts Amy Poehler and Tina Fey caused a frisson with their Bill Cosby jokes; Kevin Spacey dropped an F-bomb in his acceptance speech for best actor in a TV series, drama, for House Of Cards. Yet Spacey also seemed to be making a serious point about the desire to do better work.
Several female winners, such as Arquette and Moore, talked about the importance of female role models.  The rapper Common invoked the present and the past, saying "Selma is now", as he accepted, with John Legend, the award for best original song for Glory, from Selma, the drama about civil rights in 1965.
Showrunner Jill Soloway spoke about the transgender experience as she accepted the award for best TV series, comedy or musical for Transparent. Her words were echoed by her star, Jeffrey Tambor, who dedicated his win (best actor in a TV series, comedy or musical) to the transgender community.
Michael Keaton, winner of best actor in a motion picture - musical or comedy for <i>Birdman</i>.
Michael Keaton, winner of best actor in a motion picture - musical or comedy for BirdmanPhoto: Getty Images

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Kristen Stewart Wears Tiny Shorts, Hits the Beach With Pal Alicia Cargile—See the Pics!

Kristen Stewart, Alicia Cargile

I spy with my little eye...something bright and flashy!
No, Kristen Stewart's friend Alicia Cargile isn't pointing out a vampire—she probably just got a glimpse of the paparazzi snapping pics! Aside from a possible shutterbug interruption, theTwilight alum and her gal pal appeared to have a low-key afternoon last Tuesday on a beach in Hawaii.
When K.Stew wasn't chillaxing on the rocks with a beverage, she was close to the water and ready to play! The 24-year-old actress wore tiny red shorts, a bikini top and barely-there blue tank that said "Captain" as she walked along the ocean's edge, tennis ball in hand (which seems to imply there was fetch or a game of some sort involved).
Kristen Stewart
It'sa good thing Kristen got some R&R over the holidays, because she's got a busy schedule up ahead! Much of her time, of course, will be tied up promoting Still Alice, the critically acclaimed drama in which she plays the daughter-turned-caretaker of Julianne Moore, a woman coping with early onset Alzheimer's disease.
"I think I found aspects of myself within this part that I hadn't had a reason to discover," Kristen explained Monday on Today. "I can stand in something so grotesquely horrendous, and actually see the good in something, and try and see the light, and I didn't know that I had that."
"Be positive and live in the now," she said of the movie's message.
Julianne told Today she "was delighted" when she first heard K.Stew would be her co-star. "I mean really, really thrilled," she gushed, "because I've always loved her work so much, and I love her personally."