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Friday, 31 January 2014

Emma Roberts and Evan Peters: It Wasn't Love at First Sight!

Courtesy of Getty Images  Engaged American Horror Story: Coven co-stars Emma Roberts and Evan Peters definitely make an adorable couple. But during an appearance on Chelsea Lately, Roberts revealed that she met her fiancĂ© long before they shared the screen on the hit FX show-and that she didn't make the best first impression.
Roberts and Peters first met while filming the upcoming independent movie Adult World, and she says "On set, I was like 'Oh yeah, we're totally going to date,' and I would try to flirt with him, which ended up looking like I had something in my eye," she laughingly told Handler. "He literally didn't speak to me the entire movie, he thought I was so weird."

Her lackluster flirting skills were compounded by the fact that her Adult World character sported a less-than-flattering look. "I have no makeup on, it looks like I cut my own hair off," she said of her character, a poet who works at an adult bookstore. "I was not exactly looking cute to get a man."
Is Roberts just downplaying her natural charm and beauty? Because while she thought she was repelling her dream guy that whole time, she clearly grabbed Peters' attention. He started texting her, and they began dating. And before long, she joined the third season of American Horror Story, which Peters has been on since the first season.
The rest, as they say, is Hollywood romantic history. After more than a year of dating, Peters proposed to Roberts in New York City over the holidays. Extra reported that he popped the question with a gold, pink diamond engagement ring.
Now that she's happily discussing her engagement, we can't wait to hear some wedding plans, as well. How cute would a Halloween wedding, complete with romantic dark details, be for the horror show couple?

Are Wedding Bells in Bachelor Runner-Up Lindsay Yenter's Future?

via Instagram/@lindsay_yenter
It looks like there may be more Bachelor wedding bells in the near future! Now that Sean and Catherine have tied the knot, The Bachelor's season 17 runner-up (yes, that's Sean's ex) Lindsay Yenter has her sights set on marriage, too.

The reality TV contestant told that she and her boyfriend of nearly a year may be planning a wedding soon. In an interview with the entertainment site, she hinted at what's to come: "We're not engaged yet but this year is going to be a big year for me-we may have already gone ring shopping..."
That's not the only milestone she and her boyfriend have met together: The two have an adorable dog and just bought a house in San Diego (just look at that aww-inducing photo of the three of them, above, and their insanely cute matching Christmas PJs, below!).

Surprisingly, Lindsay credits Sean and the show with helping her find her man. "After being on The Bachelor, and Sean being so good to me, it made me realize what I want as like a husband and a father," Lindsay said. "It's not just like who looks cool on my shoulder."
Although she may have had her heart crushed at that final rose ceremony, we're glad The Bachelorhelped Lindsay realize what she wanted in a partner. And we're even more excited about the pending proposal and wedding. After all, we already know Lindsay will make a beautiful bride-she was wearing a wedding dress when she met Sean on The Bachelor season premiere!
via Instagram/@lindsay_yenter

Controversy Leads Scarlett Johansson to Step Down as Oxfam Ambassador

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Scarlett Johansson shows off SodaStream. (Mike Coppola/Getty Images)
After a heated controversy erupted across social media, Scarlett Johansson has traded her position as Oxfamambassador to be a SodaStream ambassador instead.
The 29-year-old actress came under fire from the humanitarian group after news broke that she had partnered with the make-your-own-soda-at-home company. But why does Oxfam care?
In one word: politics. SodaStream happens to be an Israeli company that operates in the West Bank (in a territory that Israel has occupied since 1967), but Oxfam is strongly against any trade from Israeli settlements, arguing that they are illegal and deny Palestinian rights.

Activists quickly took to Twitter to comment on Johansson's new role:
View image on Twitter

View image on Twitter

For its part, Oxfam was careful to tow the line between making its position clear and attacking the international star. On Jan. 22, the charity posted a statement on its webpage dedicated to Johansson. It explained that it "respects the independence of our ambassadors,” but it also “believes that businesses that operate in settlements further the ongoing poverty and denial of rights of the Palestinian communities that we work to support." That would include SodaStream.
Because of this, the statement concluded, “We have made our concerns known to Ms. Johansson and we are now engaged in a dialogue on these important issues.” That said, the charity did not (officially) ask her to step down.
Johansson responded with a statement of her own, which, in a nutshell, tried to reconcile the opposing points of view by arguing that her ambassadorship for SodaStream does not mean she's a supporter of Israel, per se, but rather, "a supporter of economic cooperation and social interaction between a democratic Israel and Palestine." In her view, the company's factory in Maale Adumim does exactly that. She also threw in a mention of the brand's positive environmental impact for good measure (and it's hard to argue with that).
All that said, however, Oxfam wasn't swayed and on Wednesday, the blonde beauty decided to throw in the towel.
"Scarlett Johansson has respectfully decided to end her ambassador role with Oxfam after eight years," the statement explained. "She and Oxfam have a fundamental difference of opinion in regards to the boycott, divestment and sanctions movement. She is very proud of her accomplishments and fundraising efforts during her tenure with Oxfam."
The charity quickly declared that it "accepted" her decision.
While this disagreement has no doubt been somewhat of a fiasco for the "Don Jon" star, something tells us she'll sleep (and drink) easier now that it's behind her.

Enrique Iglesias Scores 24th No. 1, Reveals Album Title 'Sex+Love'

Enrique Iglesias shoots 5-1 on Hot Latin Songs with "El Perdedor," featuring Marco Antonio Solis, further extending his lead of No. 1s on the chart to a total of 24. Luis Miguel is a distant second with 16 No. 1s. 
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Iglesias' new track is his second consecutive No. 1 on the chart, having reached the top with "Loco," featuring Romeo Santos, in October. Both songs will appear on the artist's upcoming album "Sex+Love," due out March 18. Universal Music Group unveiled the title and album art on Thursday (Jan. 30).
Iglesias last achieved successive No. 1s in 2010 when "Cuando Me Enamoro" featuring Juan Luis Guerra, was the last in a string of four straight chart-toppers for the superstar singer. That song followed "Donde Estan Corazon" and "Lloro Por Ti" (both from 2008) and "Gracias A Ti" by Wisin & Yandel (2009), on which he was featured. 
A music video for "El Perdedor," released on Jan. 20,  greatly aids the track's ascent as it received 1.3 million domestic clicks, with 84% of those plays occurring on Vevo on YouTube. "Perdedor" claims both streaming and digital gainer honors, moving 6,000 digital downloads, a 104% surge, according to Nielsen SoundScan. 
Shakira Shake-Up: Shakira debuts at No. 11 on Hot Latin Songs with "Nunca Me Acuerdo de Olvidarte," the Spanish rendition of her single "Can't Remember To Forget You," featuring Rihanna.  Per Hot Latin Songs chart policy- in order to maintain a ranking only of Spanish-language titles- download sales of solely the Spanish version will count towards Hot Latin Songs as will airplay accumulated by either version on BDS-monitored Latin Airplay stations (as opposed to the entire Hot 100 panel, like all other titles where only a Spanish version exists). In addition, a fraction of streaming points will also be used that falls in line with the song's sales ratio of Spanish to English downloads for the week. "Nunca," released a week after its original English debut, sells 7,000 downloads, accounting for 22% of combined versions' 23,000 weekly track sales. The song is the first single from Shakira's self-titled album, due March 25. On the Billboard Hot 100, where it dips 28-61, combined points from both versions factor into its chart rankings.
Ortiz On Top: Gerardo Ortiz hops 2-1 on Regional Mexican Airplay,  with "Mujer de Piedra" to seize his third No. 1 on the chart.  The song reaches the peak in its 11th week on the chart, rising 6% to 8 million audience impressions, according to Nielsen BDS.  Ortiz first topped the chart with "Solo Vine a Despedirme" (11 weeks) and "Damaso" (four weeks) in 2012. 

Emma Roberts To Star With Sam Worthington In Action-Thriller ‘For The Dogs’

Emma Roberts Debuts Chic New Bob Haircut: See a Picture! : Emma Roberts has replaced Hailee Steinfeld as the female lead opposite Sam Worthington in the Jonathan Mostow-directed action thriller For The Dogs. The film is an adaptation of the Kevin Wignall novel. Paul Leyden originally adapted, and the most recent draft is by Oren Moverman. FilmEngine Entertainment’s Anthony Rhulen and Navid McIlhargey will produce with Worthington, John Schwarz, and Michael Schwarz via their Full Clip Productions banner, and Leyden. Jimmy Costas, Sharon Hanson and Paul Rock are exec producing. Sierra/Affinity is handling international sales for the film and Paradigm will be handling domestic sales in what will be a buzz title in Berlin.

A solitary assassin (Worthington) agrees to help a young woman (Roberts) exact revenge on those who mercilessly murdered her parents and younger brother. His guidance unleashes events that ultimately stoke her thirst for vengeance while he desperately seeks peace and absolution. Roberts, repped by CAA and Sweeney Entertainment, is coming off the New Line sleeper hit comedy We’re The Millers, which is in the early stages of being sequelized. And for Roberts, tonight marks the season finale of the Ryan Murphy series American Horror Story: Coven.

Miley Cyrus 'Unplugged': 10 Hilarious, Twerkcentric Observations

Miley Cyrus 'Unplugged': 10 Hilarious, Twerkcentric Observations

You may have heard a loud rumbling explosion around 9 o'clock EST last night. Or perhaps your town was briefly shaken by a small earthquake. Fear not: that was just the Miley Cyrus Movement taking another seismic lurch into the future. Miley's much-hyped, much-feared appearance on MTV's Unplugged was one more classic to throw on the ever-expanding pile of massive Miley triumphs, offering something for music fans and mushrooms casualties alike. Here are a few highlights from an hour that had many.

1. "'C'mon ya'll! Let's do this!" Miley says to open the show, holding it down on a stage done up to look like a barnyard, complete with all the things you traditionally find in a barnyard — a fence, hay, a dancing dwarf, a horse that looked like it wandered in from an old episode of Captain Kangaroo and, oh yeah, musicians (good ones too!). Miley's blonde wig and checkered-tablecloth jumpsuit were designed to evoke her godmother Dolly Parton and had just the right trad-rachet vibe.

2. During the show-opening version of "4X4," Cyrus feels herself up, rubs her crotch with her cowboy hat and, most significantly, twerks with the horse. Nature of the twerking: pro forma, lowkey, sidelong and perhaps a little too self-aware, not quite perfunctory but missing the utopian promise of her best early twerking. If May 2013 inaugurated the Summer of Love of twerk, this twerking had a somewhat more downcast, John Wesley Harding-ish tone. What a long strange twerk it's been.

3. On "Get It Right," Miley hops on the horse and rides it around the stage. She's pretty skinny but still: torture, the oldest form of twerking.

4. "My wigs about to fall off, I'm having too much fun up here," she tells the audience. But if you thought that was going to satisfy the night's quota for awesomely inane banter you don't know Miley. A few minutes later she tops it with: "I tried to bring a little Nashville here tonight," she says. "When I say 'hoe' you say 'down'."

5. Mid-way through the show Miley switches outfits into a bikini top, torn oversize jean jacket and ballooning shiny pants — a country-meets-TLC vibe. "I don't think I've ever sweat so much in a bikini," she tells the crowd.

6. Miley's country roots were on display with a version "Jolene" by her "Aunt Dolly." She showed a lot of faith in the cultural knowledge of the MTV audience by asking them to sing along with a song that was a hit in a genre they know nothing about 10 years before their parents met. She body-slams it of course, adding the priceless ad-lib "That's OK. I never trusted that bitch." You should hear what Jolene's been saying about Miley.

7. During "Jolene" Miley flashes some brilliant "I'm gonna put a cap in that slut" wronged-woman-gone-bonkers looks. We spend so much time addressing her tongue — and it's important work that we should all stay focused on. But girl's got some thousand-yard stares that could scare the chrome off a trailer hitch. Stay glaring, Milez!

8. "The core of what I do is music," she says. True: Most of the show was a showcase for her singing, which was especially on during a rendition of her new single "Adore You," a subtle Fleetwood Mac-ish rendition of "Rooting for My Baby" and the heart-defoliating "Drive." If this was supposed to the show's vaguely contrite, classy, talent-showing rejoinder to the VMAs, and the Euro VMAs and that time fifteen minutes ago where she twerked with a freaking horse, it worked.

9. We'd all been waiting for the hotly-anticipated show-ending Madonna duet and it doesn't disappoint. Madonna emerges from the back of the audience dressed like a gay conquistador, a costume that's not that far-afield from the gay plantation owner get-up she wore at the Grammys. (Where will this historical thread lead?) Madge and Miley do a mash-up of "Don't Tell Me" and "We Can't Stop." There was a palpable sense of 'I wonder who this Miley Cyrus person is' in Madonna's performance and it's kind of incredible that it's been a whole decade since her similarly torch-passing VMAs duet with Britney Spears. Still, she throws herself into the moment with some top-tier Miley-grinding. It didn't all go over perfectly but if you can grind against Miley Cyrus with that much professional aplomb when you're in your fifties more power to you.

10. Through the entire evening, Miley's tongue hadn't made too many appearances. But you can't keep a good tongue down and like a cadre of guerilla rebels hiding in the mountains waiting for their moment to siege the capital, Miley's Tongue emerged with a glorious vengeance during the Madonna duet. Ever the trooper, Madge tongued it out right along with her. Two tongues, two great artists, one magical night. Fuck this is a great Movement!

From 50′s Prom Dresses to Pajama Pants: Taylor Swift Tells Us What She Wears for Girls’ Night Out

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Chalk it up to her super-fun disposition, but we're pretty sure no one does a girls' night quite like Taylor Swift. With Valentine's Day on the horizon, we've already started planning our own night out with friends, so we caught up with the star to find out her go-to ensemble for such an occasion. As it turns out, her options are as varied as her extensive discography.
"One night we decided to randomly go out to dinner dressed in '50s prom dresses we bought at a vintage thrift shop that day," Swift told exclusively. The singer's flair for retro-inspired pieces-which we think are perfectly complemented by a spritz of her latest eponymous fragrance ($50; evident in her red carpet choices, but she's more than happy to swap her glamorous ensembles for something more low-key if her friends favor a night in. "Sometimes we stay in, and half of them have just come from work and some of us are in our pajamas," she added. "We could be wearing lipstick, or no makeup. When my friends and I go out, it could be to anything!" No matter the occasion, we're sure Swift and her besties will have no shortage of fun-and look fabulous while doing so!

11 Revelations From Justin Bieber's DUI Test Report

Justin Bieber's mug shot that evening. (Miami PD)

Justin Bieber is known for his smooth moves and vocal pipes, but the pint-sized popstar wasn't looking too good on Jan. 23, when officers from the Miami-Dade Police Department arrested him for DUI and drag racing.
According to the police's DUI test report that was just released, which chronicled the 19-year-old's arrest and field sobriety tests, the "Believe" singer struggled to complete the tests properly. Here's what we learned from the report (See the full report here):
1. He smelled like reefer. According to the arresting officer, "While en route to the station, I noticed the strong odor of marijuana coming from the back seat of my vehicle. At one point, I told the defendant that he reeked of marijuana. Defendant stated, 'Yeah, we were smoking all night at the studio.'"
2. Do I have to take the breathalyzer? Bieber was asked to use an Intoxilyzer, the machine used to measure his level of intoxication. At first he wasn't so sure about it. According to the report, "the defendant asked several questions about what would happen to his license if he changed his mind and refused to take the test."
3. This breath test is so complicated. "Defendant was told not to touch or grab the hose. Defendant continually attempted to grab the hose throughout the testing process. Defendant could not blow continuously for more than a couple of seconds."

4. Unlike the Big Bad Wolf, he couldn't blow the house down. "Defendant advised that he was blowing as hard as he could, and told me to look at how red his face was. Another 3 minutes eventually passed with no valid breath sample." After cops explained that this was a very simple test and they believed he was purposely not doing it correctly, Biebs got agitated and countered "that he was blowing into the hose like he blows into his trumpet." Eventually, he blew a 0.08 and 0.078.
5. What meds? When the officer asked if Bieber had taken any medications he replied "that he did, but did not know what specific medications. Defendant explained that he took medications for anxiety." When officers asked how he didn't know what meds he was on he replied, "Well, my mom takes care of all that stuff for me." (He tested positive for Xanax.)
6. Who knew he had a torn meniscus? During his Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST), the "Believe" singer told officers that his "right knee had a torn meniscus."
7. He can dance, but he can't walk and turn. The standard test recorded that Bieber "loses balance during instructions, starts before told to do so, doesn't touch heel to toe, steps off line one or two times, raises one or both arms six or more inches to maintain balance, does not turn correctly or loses balance during turn." He didn't fare any better on the one-leg stand test. Yikes.

8. Eye check and attitude fail. The Biebs could not smoothly follow a moving object with either eye. The report also recorded his attitude as "excited, talkative, profanity, cooperative, insulting, and cocky. Unfortunately, the box for "polite" was left unchecked.
9. Sometimes you have to pee in a cup — not a custodian bucket. "Defendant was later given a drug influence evaluation and he provided a urine sample."
10. He suffered from a case of dry mouth. "Defendant had a dry mouth during my interaction with him. Defendant repeatedly asked for water. After the breath test, I bought defendant a bottle of water from a nearby vending machine."
11. Khalil faired a little better. Bieber's buddy was noted as "cooperative" on his report and was able to complete his walking and turning tests with better results, only swaying a little bit and stopping momentarily to catch his balance.
So there you have it, folks. It looks like The Biebs was not feeling so #confident on that fateful day. Apparently, he is now, though:

Thursday, 30 January 2014

Must-Try Hair Idea: Taylor Swift's OTHER Grammy Awards Hairstyle (From the Pre-Party!)

Chelsea Lauren / Getty Images

Poor Taylor Swift: I feel like everyone spent Monday morning watching GIFs of her mistakenly thinking she'd won Album of the Year. To help her feel better, let's take a minute to appreciate a less heavily covered Grammy Awards T-Swift moment: the drop-dead hairstyle she wore to the pre-Grammys party.

You've already seen the glamorous ponytail and silver eye makeup Taylor wore for the main event (if not, click the link!). But here's a peek at her other Grammys hair, seen at the Clive Davis pre-party.

Chelsea Lauren / Getty ImagesChelsea Lauren / Getty Images
For this event, Tay wore her hair swept into a chic hybrid of a few hairstyles: half-up, ponytail, and bun. Isn't it so lovely and different? The trick is to roll your hair up and pin instead of winding it around like you usually do with an ordinary bun. Plus, you gotta build up plenty of sexy texture first! 

What do you think of Taylor Swift's pre-Grammys-party hairstyle? Will it land in your little mental file of future hairstyle ideas? 

China fury over $132,000 govt bonus for Li Na

Chinese tennis star Li Na holds the Australian open trophy in Melbourne on January 26, 2014

Beijing (AFP) - Chinese official media and web users poured scorn on local government officials Wednesday after they gave multi-millionaire tennis star Li Na an 800,000 yuan ($132,000) reward for winning the Australian Open.
Li was handed a giant red cheque by Wang Guosheng, governor of her home province of Hubei, as soon as she landed back from Melbourne on Monday.
The 31-year-old had already received prize money of A$2.65 million ($2.3 million)for winning the Australian Open -- her second Grand Slam title.
Chinese Internet users, angry at the additional reward given by local officials, accused them of wasting taxpayers' money that could have been used to address the needs of the poor.
"The government and the party should stop spending money as they wish," said a poster on China's Twitter-like Sina Weibo.
"The cash is taxpayers' and should be spent on people in need, not abused in a (political) charade," they added.
The official Xinhua news agency also weighed in, carrying a commentary on Wednesday that called the event "embarrassing" and "money-worshipping".
"A bonus from the government is by no means Li Na's most wanted reward after she won the Grand Slam title... perhaps only China's sports authorities value the power of money so much," said Xinhua.
It cited Xiao Huanyu, a sports professor in Shanghai, as saying: "The government deems sports achievement a kind of political achievement. Therefore it needed to hand out the bonus to 'show its face' even though Li Na's triumph had little to do with the government."
Li opted out of China's rigid state sports system in 2008 to go it alone, hiring her own coaches and controlling more of her winnings in a career-defining move, and regularly says she represents only herself.
The Hubei provincial government previously gave her a 600,000 yuan bonus after her historic first Grand Slam triumph, the 2011 French Open, which she later donated to a local nursing house.
The Beijing News also defended Li -- who has a sometimes troubled relationship with Chinese media -- publishing a commentary Wednesday branding local officials as opportunists.
"This group of people has remained the same all along -- they will not endure failure with you but they are more than happy to share your victory," said the article, written under the alias of Xiao Shiyilang -- a Robin Hood-like character from a kung fu novel who steals from the rich to give to the poor.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

One More Reason You Gotta Love Lorde

Lorde performs Wednesday night in Auckland, New Zealand (Getty Images)

She might not have any postcode envy, but Lorde sure is thankful to her home country.
After winning two Grammys on Sunday (for Song of the Year and Pop Solo Performance, besting the likes of Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Pink, and Macklemore along the way), Kiwi hero Lorde, 17, returned to her native New Zealand on Wednesday, and made sure to send out some serious love to her fans.

"if you're reading this, Joel & I won. HOLY CRAP," begins the handwritten full-page ad/thank-you note the "Royals" placed in the New Zealand Herald.

Lorde's newspaper ad in the New Zealand Herald (New Zealand Herald)

"it was a crazy day & my friends & family over here are still freaking out. I just wanted to Say thankyou (sic) for the time you've given me these past 14 months.  …. Finding out about me online or in between these pages or in your headphones. …. Without your support, there's no way I would ever have gotten to stand in the middle of the Staples Centre & perform in my school shoes. … I can't wait for tonight's show. Together, we'll make it magic. I'll see you there. … xxx L."

A full-page ad in Section A of the New Zealand Herald in their Monday — Friday editions goes for $18,600NZ (or about $15,400US). However, a source Down Under in neighboring Australia tells Yahoo Celebrity that there's been some debate on whether it was Lorde or her label that paid to take out the ad.

The show that she's referring to is an Auckland waterfront concert at Silo Park Wednesday night (which at this point has already taken place, as New Zealand is almost a full day ahead of the U.S.). Five hundred discounted tickets were offered to under-18 fans.

Lorde, whose real name is Ella Yelich-O'Connor, was one of the great stories of this year's Grammy awards after her big wins. Her performance of "Royals" was one of the night's most buzzed about moments.
Lorde has made her mark by establishing herself as an anti-mainstream star. "It has been quite weird; I never saw myself as a Top 40 princess," she told The Hollywood Reporter just before the Grammys.

And she cites growing up in New Zealand as a major contributor to her intense drive. "I think a big part of it is that we are at the bottom end of the world, and it's that desire to get out and get noticed," she told the magazine. "Like it's the fact that there's this possibility of being limited by geography that makes no one want to be limited by geography. It was definitely a driving factor for me — wanting to be in the thick of it."

Chantel Jeffries Breaks Silence on Bieber Bust

Justin Bieber and Chantel Jeffries left Panama on Tuesday. (Splash News)

Justin Bieber has bade farewell to Panamanian paradise.
With his Biebervention behind him, the 19-year-old singer departed the Central American country on Tuesday. Wearing a white T-shirt, funky print pants, and Los Angeles Kings hat, he left Tocumen International Airport with his most recent gal pal, Chantel Jeffries, not far behind.
Bieber and Jeffries in Panama. (
On Wednesday, Jeffries spoke out for the first time since Bieber was arrested last week for DUI stemming from an alleged drag racing incident — during which she was reportedly in the passenger seat — in Miami Beach.
In a statement issued by her lawyer, Jeffries — a Kim Kardashian-lookalike who is signed with Wilhelmina Models in Miami — described herself as "overwhelmed by the negative attention" she has received in the press.

"My family and I are particularly upset about the false accusations which have been published concerning my criminal history," said Jeffries, who has experienced instafame for her connection to the Canadian crooner. "For the record, I have not been arrested five times, as has been stated in the media, nor am I guilty of physically assaulting anyone, in any way shape or form."
previously confirmed with an Onslow County District Court Clerk in North Carolina that Jeffries had a run-in with the law there in 2011. She was arrested for allegedly stabbing another woman in the forearm with a sharp object during a physical altercation on Feb. 2 of that year and was charged with misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon. However, the case was later dismissed when the prosecuting witness didn't want to go forward with the case.
In her statement, Jeffries went on to say, "I am a full time student who had enjoyed a normal lifestyle, free from public scrutiny and criticism, until now. What has happened to me is wrong. I want people in general, and the media in particular, to consider the impact their disparaging comments have on the individual; especially when their comments are inaccurate. "
She also took to Twitter to deny reports that she planned to sell her story about her wild nights with Bieber for $20,000.
No word on whether Jeffries accompanied Bieber back to Los Angeles, which is reportedly where he headed with his manager Scooter Braun. Braun updated his Twitter followers that he arrived "home" on Tuesday night and, in a separate post, talked about Tuesday evening's "amazing sunset in L.A."
Now it's back to work for Bieber, although it's unclear how much exertion that entails. He announced on Tuesday night that his latest video, for "Confident," will be released today. As far as effort, it will probably require no more than him (or someone on his team) tweeting out the link to loyal Beliebers, who will then make the video go viral with their vast social media footprint.
Bieber may also busy himself by looking for new L.A. digs. According to reports, he wants to move from his Calabasas, California, home since egg-gate. (The distinct attorney is reportedly now considering whether to charge Bieber with a crime for the egg-throwing incident.)
He's also on the president's radar. Yes – we mean the president of the United States. On Wednesday, apetition on the White House website calling for his deportation had earned more than 118,000 names. Anything over 100,000 merits a response, so expect President Obama to weigh in.
And, looking ahead, it look like The Biebs will be spending his Valentine's Day in Miami — his next court appearance for his DUI arrest is Feb. 14.
If he and Jeffries are still hanging out at that point, maybe they should spend a quiet night in.

Miley Cyrus duets with Madonna for MTV special

Miley Cyrus duets with Madonna, uses signature tongue extension on MTV acoustic special

Miley Cyrus duets with Madonna for MTV special
Miley Cyrus performs with Madonna for MTV Tuesday Jan. 28, 2014. The 21-year-old pop star and the 55-year-old Queen of Pop g

LOS ANGELES (AP) -- Miley Cyrus mashes it up with Madonna, twerks with her tongue out and drops a bunch of F-bombs on her upcoming MTV special, and she's in fine voice while doing it.
While her whittled stomach and occasional crotch-grabs compete for attention, Cyrus really can sing, and it shows on her episode of "MTV Unplugged," airing Wednesday.
Cyrus taped the acoustic concert Tuesday on a Hollywood soundstage, performing stripped-down versions of selected songs from her latest album, "Bangerz," and closing with a booty-slapping duet with Madonna.
"So, it sounds super lame, but as a pop star it's pretty cool performing with Madonna," the 21-year-old said after singing a mash-up of Madonna's 2000 track "Don't Tell Me" and Cyrus' hit "We Can't Stop." Cyrus spanks the 55-year-old Queen of Pop during the duet, which made Madonna's Britney Spears kiss feel like it was way more than 10 years ago.
This is Cyrus' show, and it's a hoedown. Backed by a seven-piece band on a stage decorated with hay bales, Cyrus gives her acoustic songs a country touch, adding a twang to "4x4" and "Bangerz."
"I'm from Nashville," she said. "And since I couldn't make all of you guys go back home with me, I tried to bring Nashville here for the night."
Cyrus also includes elements from her more recent shows: a little person, a giant woman and two men in a horse costume. She works in a fair amount of curse words, tongue extensions and sultry moves as she performs songs including "Wrecking Ball," ''Adore You" and "Drive."
"I feel like I'm at karaoke, but it's only my turn," she said, "which is what I really like."

White House weighs petition to deport Justin Bieber

Washington (AFP) - As if Barack Obama didn't have enough problems to deal with already, his administration now is being asked to weigh in on the grave matter of Justin Bieber's bad behavior.
By midday Wednesday (1700 GMT), a petition on the White House website calling for the deportation of the Canadian-born teen idol had garnered 103,000 names -- easily surpassing the threshold of 100,000 signatures required for presidential consideration.
"We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture," says the petition, created by one "J.A." in Detroit on January 23, the day Bieber was busted in Miami Beach for impaired driving and illegal drag racing in a flashy Italian sports car.
"We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive and drug-abusing Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nation's youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society."
The White House website hosts citizens' petitions on other, more heady issues such as the legalization of marijuana and a pardon for National Security Agency whistleblower Edward Snowden.
"Every petition that crosses the threshold will be reviewed by the appropriate staff and receive a response," assistant White House spokesman Matt Lehrich said.
But State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki cautioned that the petition program "doesn't always determine a step will be taken, it's more of another opportunity for the voices of the American people to be heard."
There was no comment from Bieber himself, who according to gossip websites was back in Los Angeles on Wednesday after a weekend beach break in Panama.
Bieber, 19, is understood to be living and working in the United States under a renewable O-1 visa for entertainers, rather than a green card for permanent resident status.
It remains unclear whether Bieber's visa to stay in the United States would be affected by his arrest.
Now out on bail, Bieber is due back in Miami for a court appearance on Valentine's Day, when he will also also face charges of resisting arrest and using an expired driver's license.
Police in Los Angeles are pursuing their own investigation into an earlier incident in which Bieber allegedly hurled eggs at a neighbor's house.

Justin Bieber’s Epic Bad Day Capped by Toronto Assault Charges

The hits keep coming in 2014 for Justin Bieber — just not the kind with a snappy beat and swaggy video.

The Canadian pop singer, 19, arrived at the 52 Division police station in Toronto just after 7:30 p.m. ET on Wednesday and was arrested and charged with assault stemming from a December incident in which he allegedly attacked a limousine driver. He was accompanied by his father, Jeremy Bieber, as well as his manager, Scooter Braun.
Bieber was released, but will be required to appear in court at a later date. No mug shot was released.
Bieber's lawyer issued a brief statement: "The Toronto Police Service requested that Justin Bieber appear in Toronto today to face an allegation of assault relating to an incident on Dec. 29, 2013. We anticipate that this matter will be treated as a summary offense, the equivalent of a misdemeanor in the United States.

"Our position is the [sic] Mr. Bieber is innocent. As the matter is now before the Court, it would be inappropriate to address the specifics of either the allegation or of our defense at this time."
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Justin Bieber (Splash News)
Details of the case are sketchy. Police responded to a distress call last month and discovered that Bieber had been in the area after attending a Maple Leafs NHL game. According to the Toronto police, "a limousine picked up a group of six people outside a nightclub. While driving the group to a hotel, an altercation occurred between one of the passengers and the driver of the limousine. In the course of the altercation, a man struck the limousine driver on the back of the head several times. The driver stopped the limousine, exited the vehicle, and called police. The man who struck him left the scene before police arrived."
At the time of the incident, it was unclear whether it was Justin or a member of his entourage involved in the alleged scuffle.

Bieber was born in London, Ontario, (about halfway between Toronto and Detroit) and raised in nearby Stratford, Ontario. His recent trips back to Toronto have been anything but quiet, however. In July 2013, while hanging out with some buddies on the balcony of a local hotel room, he was photographed launching a big glob of spit down below to the street where fans were supposedly lined up. His camp later claimed that the pics were "superimposed.” A month later, he got into a scuffle at a Toronto nightclub apparently provoked by a partygoer.


The Toronto charges cap quite a day for Bieber. Earlier Wednesday, he entered a not guilty plea (via his lawyer) in a Florida court to suspicion of DUI, resisting arrest without violence, and driving with a suspended driver's license related to his drug- and-booze-fueled Lamborghini fun run last week. He's scheduled for arraignment on Feb. 14, although he isn't required to be present.
CBS4 Miami reported Wednesday that that Bieber's toxicology report revealed that he had both Xanax and marijuana in his system. Police did not immediately comment on the report.

The Miami plea-entering came after a crowdsourced petition on the White House website seeking Bieber's deportation to Canada hit the magic 100,000 signature mark required to compel President Barack Obama to officially address it.

"We the people of the United States feel that we are being wrongly represented in the world of pop culture," the petition reads. "We would like to see the dangerous, reckless, destructive, and drug abusing, Justin Bieber deported and his green card revoked. He is not only threatening the safety of our people but he is also a terrible influence on our nations youth. We the people would like to remove Justin Bieber from our society.”

Meanwhile,  prosecutors in Los Angeles are weighing whether to charge Bieber in an egg-lobbing case. On Jan. 15, sheriff’s deputies swarmed Justin's home in the L.A. suburb of Calabasas, following accusations that he threw eggs at his neighbor's home, causing over $20,000 worth of damage. The raid lead to the arrest of Bieber associate Lil Za on drug charges, after substances were discovered on Za’s while he was at Justin's home.
Of course, proving that any publicity is good publicity, Team Justin went ahead and debuted his new music video, "Confident," on "106 and Park" and it's scheduled to drop online later tonight. Sure enough, the swaggy clip does have a snappy beat.

Beyonce’s Wet Hair Look from Sexy Grammys Performance: Copy the Look!

Beyonce’s Wet Hair Look from Sexy Grammys Performance: Copy the Look!

It's hard to pull off the wet-hair look without looking like a drowned rat; unless, that is, you're Beyonce.

As luck would have it, Kim Kimble, the Pantene celebrity stylist who created Bey's sexy style from her "Drunk in Love" Grammys performance and the chic wavy bob for her post-performance look, has shared the secret to copying the look at home.

Kimble was inspired by the 1920s for the wavy bob hairstyle and, of course, the "Drunk in Love" video, which features Beyonce, 32, and her overall sexiness on the beach. While we can’t promise you’ll be able to work a chair (or a patch of wet sand) as well as Queen Bey, the final effect may just motivate you to try.

Here, Kimble's easy steps for Beyonce's Grammys performance and show hairstyles.

First, starting with clean, wet hair, work Pantene Pro-V Curly No Crunch Curls Whip into the strands from the roots to the tips. Run a paddle brush through hair to create soft waves and then scrunch with your fingers to help keep its definition. Spritz Pantene Advance+ Keratin Repair KeraGloss Oil Mist for shine.

For a more polished look a la Beyonce's post-performance hair, follow the steps above, and then dry hair with a diffuser pointed toward the crown and then underneath for volume. Scrunch hair until dry and then wrap pieces of hair around a 1/2-inch flat iron to create additional waves. Spray roots with hairspray to tame flyaways, and finish with the oil mist.

Amanda Knox's Countdown to Yet Another Verdict

Amanda Knox's Countdown to Yet Another Verdict

Anxiety has set in for American student Amanda Knox as she waits for the fourth time in six years for an Italian court to decide whether she is guilty or innocent of killing her roommate Meredith Kercher.
Knox has remained at home in Seattle because she feared she would be "wrongly convicted" and arrested, but despite the relative safety the tension has been heightened by the prosecutor who sought to increase Knox's prison sentence if she is convicted and urged the judge to request her immediate arrest.
Two judges and eight jurors will deliberate Thursday in Florence after final rebuttals by Knox's legal team and a verdict and a sentence is expected to come sometime in the "late evening" on Thursday.
While Knox, 26, won't be present, Kercher's sister and brother have said they will be in court to hear the decision.
Knox and her former Italian boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were convicted in 2009 of the 2007 murder of Kercher in the cottage the women shared in Perugia. The prosecutor at the time said the murder was the result of a sex game gone awry.
That verdict was overturned in 2011 after Knox had spent four years in prison. But Italy's Supreme Court ordered an appeals court to review the case and that court will render its verdict this week.
Knox's lawyers Carlo Dalla Vedova and Luciano Ghirga told reporters at the last hearing that "she cannot wait to end this nightmare." They said she has followed the trial "step by step" and that she was "very worried" about the outcome.
Sollecito, now 29, will wait for the verdict at his family home in Puglia, southern Italy. His father has said his son is not psychologically able to await the decision in court that day. "He will almost certainly stay at home and has no intention of course of running away."
If prosecutor Alessandro Crini gets his way, Knox and Sollecito will be sentenced to 26 years in prison for murder and her sentence for a related slander conviction would be increased from one year to four years.
Knox has befriended Ryan Ferguson, who was recently released from prison after serving 10 years for a murder he didn't commit. Ferguson told this week that she is "doing incredibly well considering the circumstances."
"She is very positive and we all believe that justice will prevail and the facts that have proven her innocence will set her free," Ferguson said.
There were only slight changes in the prosecution's case. Crini, a respected soft-spoken man whose style has held the judge and jury's attention, was a sharp contrast to the Perugia prosecutor Giuliani Mignini, a controversial figure.
Crini, in his closing arguments dismissed the motive suggested by Mignini that the murder was the result of a sex-game gone wrong. Instead, Crini argued that it was more likely to have been caused by a series of arguments over cleanliness in the bathroom that Knox and Kercher shared.
Many of the more contested points of the case remain unsolved, leaving many of the experts following the case unsure as to Thursday's outcome. A new wrinkle was the testing of one DNA speck on a knife found in Sollecito's apartment that the prosecution claimed was the murder weapon. The speck had been left untested previously. The DNA turned out to belong to Knox, but that was not seen as surprising she had stayed with Sollecito and could have used the knife for cooking.
The judge, Alessandro Nencini, has made it clear that this court's decision will be based on all the evidence and arguments used and presented in the previous trials.
Whichever way the judges and jury rule on Thursday, the case against Knox and Sollecito will still not be over. The decision will almost certainly be appealed, and return to the highest court for a definitive sentence. A conviction at that level could eventually lead to Knox's extradition, but Knox would be able to fight any such request in a U.S. court.
A third person, Rudy Guede, a native of Ivory Coast, was convicted in Kercher's murder and sentenced to 30 years, later reduced to 16-years on appeal. Guede was convicted of participating in the killing of Kercher with others.

Jennifer Aniston Praises Friend Courteney Cox: "She's Been There for Me Through Thick and Thin"

Jennifer Aniston Praises Friend Courteney Cox: "She's Been There for Me Through Thick and Thin"

They'll always be, ahem, friends! Their beloved sitcom Friends may have ended ten years ago, but Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow both still have a deep friendship with costar Courteney Cox. In its February issue, More magazine asked the ladies to share what they love about cover star Cox.

"There's absolutely no judgment in Court," Aniston, 44, explained of her best friend. "You'll never feel scolded. She's extremely fair, ridiculously loyal and fiercely loving."

Aniston and Cox, 49, forged a close bond soon after Friends premiered in 1994. Since then, Aniston has gone through a painful divorce with husband Brad Pitt in 2005, and Cox officially closed the chapter on her nearly 14-year marriage to David Arquette back in May.

"I've slept in her guest bedroom a lot," Aniston told More. "Without giving away too much of my private stuff, all I can say is she's been there for me through thick and thin."

Costar Kudrow, 50, also agreed that Cox is a loyal friend. "There's no agenda. There's no guile. There's no game. You can trust her completely and fully," the Scandal star shared. "Whether I see Courteney every week or once a year, it doesn't matter. I know who she is, and I know where I stand."

The Cougar Town actress' loyalty is also evident in her post-divorce relationship with Arquette, the father to their daughter Coco, 9.

"When you love someone, you want them to be happy, even if it's not with you," Cox told More. "Obviously, kids always want their parents to be together, but as divorces go, this is the best one we could provide."