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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Meet Alec Baldwin’s New Night-Owl Baby Daughter

Alec and Hilaria's baby is making her big debut. (Extra)
Alec Baldwin isn't getting much sleep these days — and that's OK with him.
The 55-year-old actor and his wife, Hilaria, welcomed their first daughter together, Carmen Gabriela, on August 23, and she's a night owl.
"She sleeps like a rock all day. And at night she's like, 'Let's have a conference,'" Baldwin toldPeople magazine, which has pics of the nearly 2-week-old baby. Added the new mom, who is a 29-year-old yoga instructor, "Now I'm getting to the point where if I don't sleep, I'm going to start walking into walls."
Sleepless nights are OK for Baldwin, who told the mag that he's just happy to get another opportunity to experience fatherhood, which didn't go so smoothly the first time around with his daughter Ireland, now 17 and a model.
"It's a second chance for me in a way," Baldwin said. "Everybody knows I had a pretty unpleasant custody battle for Ireland."
"Unpleasant" is an understatement. The acrimonious situation with ex-wife Kim Basinger, which included a leaked voicemail message, led to his writing a book about fatherhood and divorce. However, Ireland turned out well, he told the magazine, calling her "well-adjusted and as happy as one can be."
While a spat with a paparazzo last week made big headlines, the hot-tempered "30 Rock" alum said his main priority is a simple one: to do his best to make his girls happy.
"We just want things to be easy, to be nice," the "Blue Jasmine" star said.
"Extra" has footage from behind-the-scenes at baby's first photo shoot (Hilaria is a correspondent for the show) and the new dad is seen cradling Carmen in his arms while talking about who she resembles.

"I hope she looks like her mother," he quipped in the clip, which you can see above. "What a waste of time it would be to marry a women like that and have the kid look like me."
All joking aside, "I am so lucky and blessed, all those things everybody feels when you have a baby and you want to have that family," he added.

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