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Monday, 23 September 2013

What You Didn't See: The 10 Best Moments Inside the Emmys award 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA - SEPTEMBER 22:  Writer/producer  Vince Gilligan accepts the award for 'Breaking Bad,' winner for …
10. America's Jolliest Announcer
From the moment the doors opened, the voice of the public-address announcer urging the audience into their seats kept the crowd laughing. Some of his biggest laugh lines:
  • "Please make your way to your seats... The seat fillers are starting to get their hopes up."
  • "The show is starting shortly... This is the perfect excuse to get away from the conversation you are trying to escape."
  • "Attention please, the show will start without you. It will be tragic, but it will."
9. The Big Threat for Can't-Shut-Up Acceptance Speakers
At 4:57 p.m. PT the producers still weren't sure if the show would start on time as the Jets-Bills game dragged on. As the minutes ticked away, they gave an obligatory memo over the P.A. to try and keep speeches short: "This year we decided we aren't going to play music [to cut you off], instead our plan is if you go long, this..." and on the screens appeared the Red Wedding scene from "Game of Thrones."
8. "Breaking Bad" Was the Home-Court Favorite.
Every "Breaking Bad" mention got huge applause from the audience (actor, show, anything in promos). The crowd lost it when "Breaking Bad" won the night's final prize. Literally shouts of "yes!" and "thank God!" erupted throughout the room.

7. The Merritt Badge.
Even presenter Tina Fey was surprised when Merritt Wever won. But Fey loved Wever's one-line speech, dying laughing as Fey escorted her out. Later in the night, before the final two segments, the executive producer came out and said to the crowd, "Bless Merritt Wever," reminding people to keep their speeches short.
Julia Louis-Dreyfus winner of the award for outstanding supporting actress in a comedy series for her role on "Veep" …
6. Best. Cast. Ever.
The entire "Veep" team was on its feet for Tony Hale's Best Supporting win, staying there as Julia Louis-Dreyfus fist-pumped her way down the aisle to accept her Best Actress award. Hands down, the Veeps were the most fun cast in the room, their excitement palpable. Julia and Tony laughed and held hands as as they ran off stage. And the whole group posed for selfies together during commercial breaks.
5. No Sore Losers in This "Family."
Julie Bowen, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Ty Burell met up in aisle during third commercial break to chat and catch up. Laughing and happy, there wasn't a hint of bitterness to be seen despite the "Modern Family" cast being shut out of acting awards.
4. House of Mirth
Far from the evil, conniving character he plays on "House of Cards," Kevin Spacey seemed perfectly happy for Jeff Daniels after losing out for Best Actor (or Spacey is just a really really good actor). The two-time Oscar winner shruged off the loss, smiling and joking with a friend next to him. Spacey might also win the evening's Mr. Congeniality, behaving playfully throughout the show, joke hitting the cameras that appeared in front of him and chatting with anyone who dropped by his seat.
Kate Mara at the Primetime Emmy Awards (Getty Images)3. Better Kate Than Never
Kate Mara started walking up when "House of Cards" won for Best Directing, but she didn't make it to the stage. Carrie Preston accepted briefly on behalf of the MIA David Fincher, so she ran back to her seat.
2. Central Spirit
Every time "The Colbert Report" won — breaking "The Daily Show's" 10-year lock on the category — Jon Stewart and his crew were the first out of their seats to cheer their network mates on.
1. They Like Mike
Best received speech hands down was Michael Douglas, who had the room in stitches. No one more so, however, than co-star Matt Damon, who also cheered the loudest when Michael won, smiling ear to ear the whole time.

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