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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Alicia Keys Believes In Aliens!


They're out there among us, silently watching the rest of us with their unearthly intelligence. No, we're not talking about Alicia Keys fans, we're talking about aliens! While Alicia isn't being a space invader accidentally breaking in to people's houses, she's believing in real space invaders.
That's right, in a recent interview, Alicia opened up about whether or not she thinks aliens exist: "Yeah, I do…I think they're here now….Yeah, I’ve met some serious aliens in my life, for sure. I’m sure you’ve seen a UFO. Haven’t all of us seen something flying in the sky, and it’s at some random time of night that doesn’t make sense, and it’s not the shape of a plane?" This girl is on fire with conspiracy theories! She's making our skepticism fly away at light speed! But wait, we have got to know! Despite the fact that we don't whether you can travel into outer space with a passport, would Alicia take the trip with a little green friend (not weed)? "I don’t know if I’d go with an alien to space. I would have to feel the alien’s vibe. I’m a vibe person. If it was ET, I may go…It had to be the right vibe. If it was one of those crazy, nutso dudes my brother watches — he always wants me to watch these movies with him and I’m like, No! — I wouldn’t go with that one." You hear that nutso aliens? Leave Alicia alone - she ain't interested! Of course, Alicia! It's all about finding the alien that's right for you! Going into space with someone is a big commitment, gurl! Come on aliens! You can officially come out now! Heck, you could probably get some free backstage passes from Alicia! -

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