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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Rihanna’s Neighbors Are “Happy to Have Our Privacy Back”

Rihanna moves out

Goodbye LA, hello NYC.
Rihanna is ready to leave the burglars behind by heading 2,800 miles away to the Big Apple.
And her neighbors on the posh Pacific Palisades street, which has been inundated with attempted break-ins at the pop star’s $12 million property since she moved in last year, are ready to take their neighborhood back.
“We’re happy to have our privacy back,” said Jason Weiss. “We’ve had enough police on our street.
“We’ve been told her stuff was getting picked up.”
Debra Green confirmed the songstress moved out Tuesday, and she’s looking forward to peace without a constant police presence.
“The street will become much quieter,” she said.
“We are very pleased.”
According to another neighborhood family, the Wards, they only had a thoughtful send-off for their famous former girl next door: “The neighbors are all very lovely and considerate people. When any of the neighbors move on we wish them safety, love and health.”
The pop star’s decision to hit the road back east comes on the heels of anattempted burglary at her mansion last weekend when a would-be robber threw a chair through her sliding glass door. Before that, in February a confused stalker mistook RiRi's house for her next door neighbor's, and only a few months later a creepy dude got caught by security on her roof.

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