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Sunday, 24 November 2013

How to Upstage Miley at the 2013 American Music Awards? Be Lady Gaga, on a Horse, of Course

If there's any star these days who's difficult to steal the spotlight from — it's the tongue-wagging, twerking, eyebrow-morphing Miley Cyrus. However at the 2013 American Music Awards, it was another celeb's turn to grab back center stage; making such a stunning entrance  that Cyrus herself admitted defeat. 

That would be Lady Gaga, of course, who pre-Miley was accostumed to owning these events. Tonight, the singer arrived on scene poised on a Trojan horse (powered by two hidden humans inside), dressed in a Grecian gown...and right smack in the middle of Cyrus's red-carpet interview.

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Cyrus put on a wry face for the massive upstage. "You can stop interviewing me now," she deadpanned. "I'm so boring, I'm back to normal." 

Indeed, Cyrus was dressed in an uncharacteristically low-key outfit — a simple while pantsuit accented with tasteful hair and makeup — and was giving benign commentary on the special performance she had planned for the awards show in honor of her 21st birthday, which she celebrated Saturday. 
Speaking like a jaded veteran of red carpet wars, Cyrus was impressively humorous about her rival's splash. "What a [expletive] scene stealer," Cyrus noted dryly. "Next time I'm coming in on a dragon."

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