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Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Taylor Swift Lands Off-Key Victoria's Secret Gig

Taylor Swift, Fall Out Boy to Play Victoria's Secret Fashion Show
Is there anything Taylor Swift has not achieved in her short-but-stellar career? The blond superstar has nailed down seemingly everything, from breaking tour records to winning just about every musical award known to man.

Turns out, there is something — and something rather unexpected — that she hasn't done. Swift announced Tuesday that she'll be appearing at this year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, set to air Dec. 10. (Sorry, guys, she'll be performing, not strutting the catwalk.) 

"If a mad scientist were asked to create the perfect combination of the beauty of a Victoria's SecretAngel with the ultimate talent and creativity from today's music scene, the answer would be simple — Taylor Swift," CBS exec Jack Sussman said in a statement.

On paper, that sounds about right: Swift certainly has the beauty and stature of a model, along with her obvious career achievement. However, her newest coup may possibly leave some fans with their, er, undies in a bundle. 

The V.S. Fashion Show is pretty innocuous, as far as events involving scantily clad women go: it's broadcast on network TV and is not much more revealing than, say, portions of the Miss America pageant. However, we are talking bras and panties and body parts here — and although Swift will presumably be hitting the catwalk fully clothed, it's still a bit out of her general zone.

Love or hate her, nobody can deny Swift's built an image around being a PG-rated role model. Despite massive amounts of tabloid cameras following her every move, she is no Miley Cyrus — or even Selena Gomez. She's certainly had her share of negative press, but has managed to stay away from serious scandals. No drugs, foul language, or nudity to be found; which is no small feat (hey, even Kate Middleton got caught on camera topless).
Furthermore, the notoriously conservative country music community upholds her Nashville branding with pride, despite her equally strong footing in the less-stringent pop world — in fact, the Country Music Association even awarded her with the prestigious Pinnacle Award last week for her extraordinary ability to move the genre needle. 

In short: A lingerie show doesn't really seem to jibe with the Swift we know, even the one who gets caught allegedly spending the night at Harry Styles's hotel. It just seems too risqué for this particular American Sweetheart, whose skimpiest costume of late was a retro polka-dot two-piece worn on vacation with the Kennedys...definitely not the kind of thing you see on the VS runway. 

NEW YORK, NY - NOVEMBER 07: Model Lily Donaldson walks the runway during the Victoria's Secret 2012 Fashion Show …

On the other hand: It's easy to forget that Swift is no longer the child ingénue so many of us still can't help but identify her with. Perhaps it's her sweet-faced demeanor, or her seemingly endless supply of bubbly enthusiasm that makes it so hard to believe, but this girl is actually now a woman. Although she started her career as a teen, she will be 24 next month. 

To Swift's credit, she's also taken the slow and steady route in establishing her (still evolving) adult image. Rather than springing, say, a foam finger all at once on her audience, she's utilized more subtle approaches — ranging from sly-but-still-respectable stage/on-camera banter (oh, the boyfriends' ears that must be burning!) to her gradually mature selections in clothing. You won't find Swift posing in a see-through top, but she has incorporated such touches as see-through panels and more daring garments overall. 

Overall, you likely will never find Swift actually posing for Victoria's Secret, either. Her appearance at the show, whether fans approve or not, seems to be yet another carefully considered move in her career and personal evolution. 

And, undoubtedly it will still be the Swift we are all familiar with: The one with a guitar, a head full of lovelorn poetry, and her knickers well-hidden under her skirt. 

We'll leave it to you, though. What do you think about Swift performing at the V.S. Fashion Show? Is it the right place for her, or a strange choice? 

The 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion show will air Dec. 10 on CBS at 10 p.m. ET. Additional performers include Fall Out Boy, A Great Big World, and Neon Jungle

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