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Sunday, 10 November 2013

The 6 Super Chic Other Royals You Need to Know 

Do you ever wonder who the other royals are — 

that untapped crop of regal stock who are just as 

youthful, beautiful and chic as their ubiquitous 

British contemporaries? No offense, William and 

Kate. But there's far more to obsess over than the 

well-trodden fashions of the English aristocracy. 


Queen Rania of Jordan's 17-year-old daughter 

Princess Iman bint Abdullah who was photographed 

going to a ceremony this week, captivating style 

experts and paparazzi alike. Channeling Sofia 


and an effortless California girl, this beauty had us 

wanting more. So, please feast your eyes on the 

following six other royals to watch: They are 

glamorous queens, handsome princes and exotic 

stunners with great hair

Princess Iman Bint Abdullah
Princess Iman bint Abdullah of Jordan
Style: Moody, Chic Teen on Holiday
Who she is: The 17-year-old daughter of Queen Rania and King Abdullah of Jordan. Her mother, Queen Rania, has been on every best-dressed list in the world. Queen Rania's got that universally appealing type of glamour: heels, and perfect hair, which makes Iman's nonchalance that much more appealing. She's chic in a whole other way.

Princess Iman of Jordan
Princess Iman bint Abdullah:
From her loose hair to her simple, barely-accessorized looks — even the grandest occasion barely gets more than a cool caftan from this teen — the princess's precocious confidence is a powerful thing. Note the simple yet sophisticated black platform pumps she wore underneath her caftan, while attending Jordan's 64th Independence Day.

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden
Prince Carl Philip of Sweden
Style: Extremely Good-Looking
Who he is: Son of Queen Silvia and King Carl Gustaf of Sweden. He was once the first in line to inherit the title of king, but a change of law in 1980 shifted the succession to his older sister Victoria. He studied graphic design at the Rhode Island School of Design, and currently can add to his résumé competitive car racing, completing the longest cross-country-ski race in the world, and serving as a lieutenant in the Swedish Navy. Oh, and he’s one of Sweden’s most eligible bachelors (no kidding).

Prince Carl Philip of Sweden
Prince Carl Philip of Sweden: 
He cuts a dashing figure in suits, but almost always has a five-o'clock shadow, aviator shades and windblown hair. He's an avid sportsman, and wears his rough-and-tumble athletic gear just as dashingly as he does his suits.

Sheika Mozah Bint al Nasser
Sheikha Mozah bint al Nasser
Style: Over-the-top glamour
Who she is: The wife of the former Emir of Qatar. An unusually high-profile wife for a Middle Eastern monarch — she’s the first and only Qatari queen who has even been seen in public, let alone pal around with Queen Elizabeth and the Obamas.

Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Al-Missned
Sheikha Moza Bint Nasser Al-Missned: 
She's decked out in an immaculate, expensive-looking way just like an Old Hollywood movie star. It's as if Edith Head rose from the dead and designed every one of Her Highness's glamorous, crazy-elegant outfits. The fit is perfect and no one has ever worn a turban as well as this lady.  

Charlotte Casrihagi
Charlotte Casiraghi
Who she is: The most famous of this bunch, she's Grace Kelly's granddaughter, and the daughter of Princess Caroline of Monaco.
Style: The Most Beautiful Girl in the World

Charlotte and Pierre Casrihagi
Charlotte Casiraghi: 
The Monaco royals are a very stylish bunch (Charlotte's aunt, Princess Charlene of Monaco just missed the cut, here) but this one has been wowwing the world with her beauty and style from an early age. Staying true to her grandmother's spirit, she's very feminine, and likes to play around with fashion. Her daytime clothes are often equestrian-inspired but her many evening ensembles are dreamy, modern princess gowns.

Princess Amira Al-Taweel
Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia
Who she is: The wife of Saudi Arabia's Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal
Style: Tailored Exotic

Princess Amira al Taweed
Princess Ameerah al Taweel: 
She easily takes core elements of Middle Eastern style and reworks them into something clean and modern via clever tailoring, solid colors and an overall sense of minimalism. Her beige ensemble worn to greet the Prince of Wales is a perfect example of this: the sari-like draping and belted waist looks so fresh in pure in minimal beige.

Prince Rahim Aga Khan and Miss Kendra Salwa Spears
Prince Rahim Aga Khan and Kendra Salwa Spears
Who they are: He's the immensely wealthy eldest son of Prince Aga Kahn, and the grandson of Rita Hayworth. She's a Seattle-born brand new bride who was a top Ford model before the two wed in a quiet ceremony in Switzerland this past September. Prince Rahim Aga Kahn attended two of America’s best schools— Phillips Exeter Academy and Brown University. Spears got a degree from Portland State University. 

Prince Rahim Aga Khan and his fiance Kendra Spears
Prince Rahim Aga Khan and Kendra Salwa Spears: 
Hold on — this is the couple's recent engagement photo. Isn't it weird that it's practically a reenactment of Kate and William's? Just saying. Anyway, they're both so beautiful that they understand there's no need to gild the lilly. Simple bespoke suits for him, plain yet perfect shifts for her. And a mutual aura of newlywed-smugness.

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