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Monday, 16 December 2013

Amy Adams Kisses and Tells With Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Adams in "American Hustle." (Columbia Pictures/courtesy Everett Collection)

The 39-year-old actress divulged to Extra that her pixie-haired co-star is a great kisser.

"She does a great job at it! She has very soft lips," Adams said of Lawrence, 23. "She's a really awesome woman. Everyone's chemistry is so electric in this. The volatile energy between Jennifer and I, it almost borders on intimacy because it's so immediate and so there and then she kisses me."

 According to J.Law, it was the redheaded stunner's idea to kiss in the David O. Russell-directed film.

"That was her idea,” Lawrence said on Access Hollywood of the lip lock, which was not in the script. "[The director] brought it up to me and was like, ‘Amy thinks that you should kiss her in a scene,’ and I was like, 'What? Why?' I didn’t understand it,” Jennifer explained. "Then when we started the scene… it completely made sense. [My character] has a toxic need to be in control and to overpower a situation… I did not think it made sense before David called action and then as soon as we were in the scene, it happened organically because it was just so true."

Adams' revelation about Lawrence's smooching skills is just the latest in lip-smacking the "American Hustle" stars have done.

Earlier this month Christian Bale hailed Lawrence as "fearless" in an interview with E! News and continued, "She loves nothing more than a good fight. She's up for it. She's a tough cookie."

There you have it: Lawrence is tough as nails but has luscious lips! That's one awesome combo.

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