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Thursday, 19 December 2013

How Nico Jackson Crushed Our Hopes for a Pippa Middleton / Prince Harry Romance

Courtesy of Getty Images

With the rumored news that Nico Jackson proposed to Pippa Middleton came a rush of excitement, anticipation, and admittedly, a little disappointment. Yes, we're just slightly bummed that Pippa Middleton is officially off the market. You see, we always held out hope that Kate Middleton's younger sister and Prince Williams' younger brother, Prince Harry, would fall for one another and well, get married. (There, we said it.)

Even when we reported that Prince Harry and his girlfriend Cressida Bonas were getting serious, we did so with a heavy heart. (Admittedly, we put as much energy into wishing Harry find his over happily ever after as we do in hoping the prince will hit us up on Facebook for a weekend trip to um, Vegas.)

The fact is Britian's on-again, off-again most eligible bachelor exhibits all of the qualities we believe Pippa Middleton should look for in a mate-his repeated appearances with adorable young children (remember when he joined seven-year old bridesmaid Lady Louise Windsor for a carriage ride en route to Buckingham Palace?) points towards him being a kind soul; his ongoing comments about how much he adores his new nephew (he joked that he hoped his Prince William knew "how expensive my babysitting charges are" and also vowed to teach his nephew to have fun) tells us he'd make a great dad; and his continued ability to simultaneously get into serious hot water (the aforementioned Las Vegas romp) and dedicate his time to countless charities indicates he's always up for a good time and a good cause.

While we'll give it to Nico Jackson for being whip smart, good looking and wealthy (Jackson, a banker, makes his millions as a stockbroker at Deutsche Bank), we count the day he drowned our hope for a second Middleton/Windsor royal relationship as a loss.

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