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Friday, 6 December 2013

Jamie Lynn Spears Countrifies Britney Tune — And It's Really Good!

After years out of the spotlight, Britney Spears's little sister, Jamie Lynn Spears, is making a name for herself in country music. And she may eventually give her superstar sibling a run for her money. The 22-year-old former Nickelodeon star released her debut country single, "How Could I Want More," last week, and it has already debuted on the Billboard charts.
On Thursday Jamie Lynn made an impressive live debut at famed Georgia club Eddie's Attic, where she road-tested some of her new country jams. She also gave a major shout-out to big sister Britney via a rendition of "Oops! ... I Did It Again." Jamie Lynn worked the pop hit into a medley with her song "Miss Mississippi" and gave it a decidedly country flair, backed by an acoustic guitar, banjo, and drums.
And her cover was definitely not an oops. The crowd ate it up, whooping and hollering when Jamie Lynn sang the chorus and did the heart-palpitating dance move that Britney made famous in her space-themed video for the tune.
"You gotta throw it back to your sister at some point, right?" Jamie Lynn told the crowd when the song ended. "My sister's been a big influence so of course I've got to throw it back to her, so a big round of applause for my sister," she said, and the crowd cheered and clapped.
While some people are surprised that Jamie Lynn is pursuing a career in country music rather than following in her pop star sister's footsteps, she says it's a natural fit for her because it harkens back to her roots.
"I think people forget that I grew up in Louisiana, and that my father is as southern as they come," she told Billboard. "Country music was a big part of me and my dad's relationship, and still is. I understand where people would assume I'd [be a] pop [act]. I mean, my sister is a pop icon, so I completely get where people would've expected that!"

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