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Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Taylor Swift Beats Harry Styles On ‘Celebs Gone Good 2013′ List

Taylor Swift has beaten out One Direction for the top spot as the celeb who has done the most good in 2013, in a list published by

Taylor Swift Harry Styles Celebs Gone Good
OK, so we at don’t want to say that there any losers when it comes to good deeds and charitable donations, but there are definitely winners. Somebody has to be first, after all, and Taylor Swift has edged out her ex, Harry Styles, for the top “Celeb Gone Good of 2013″, .

Taylor Swift Beats Harry Styles On ‘Celebs Gone Good 2013′ List

Taylor landed the top spot for donating $100,000 to the Nashville Symphony on her own birthday, as well as for “[headlining] an event benefiting Centrepoint, an org working to help young people experiencing homelessness.”
If you’ll recall, that was the Winter Whites Gala at Kensington Palace where Taylor Swift sang “Livin’ On A Prayer” with Prince William and Bon Jovi himself! Who ever said that giving back couldn’t be fun?
One Direction, on the other hand, were no slouches themselves. The group raised over £2 million for Red Nose Day, benefitting those in Africa and the UK living in poverty, for their cover single “One Way Or Another”. They also raised  ”$784,345 in donations, benefitting cancer research,” according to the site.

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