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Saturday, 18 January 2014

2014 Hair Color Trends (Glam Slam)

Sofia Vergara/Olivia Wilde -- Golden Globes 2014 -- Getty Images

The Golden Globes lived up to their name with lots of ladies showing off beautiful golden, light locks.

"We saw a lot of ombre, but also very natural colors," says celebrity colorist Rita Hazan, talking about Sunday's Golden Globes. "Light blonde was a big trend of the night. Sofia Vergara and Olivia Wilde were two of my favorite ombre looks - both of their styles and color were soft and sexy."

And right on-trend.

Rita, whose A-List clients include Beyonce, Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson shares her hair color forecast for the year.

Which trends do you think will be popular in 2014?
Rita Hazan: Light hair colors will be hot in 2014. Highlights will be blonde, but not chunky, so that they blend well with a person's natural looking color. I think people will incorporate lighter, honey, baby blonde highlights to their hair. Whatever hair color you have, you can add blonde to it in a way that makes sense and staying in the same color family you are in. These also mean highlights in different variations of blonde. If you are naturally brunette, you should go with more of an ombre or darker roots look like Beyonce. If you have dark hair, 1-2 shades lighter is can be your way of incorporating this trend into your hair. You don't have to be completely blonde if you have dark hair.
Is there a specific term or technique used to get these more natural-looking highlights?
Rita: "Tone on tone" highlights or "fake highlights," as I like to call them. They are there, but very subtle to give your hair dimension and a modern look without being stripy. It is essential to use glosses so that the color stays true to its original tones without fading or turning brassy.
What are trends that will go away?
Rita: The trend of adding crazy colors to your hair will go away this year.
What are your red carpet trend predictions?
Rita: We will see many celebrities rocking shorter hair with lighter hair color, however, the look will still be sexy and sassy at the same time. You want your shorter new cut to look cool and edgy and not like a hat, so you have to make sure you have dimension and some kind of lightness to it so it has movement - it will look fresh and young and not dense and harsh.
Any other trend predictions? What about those who aren't going shorter - will they still go lighter, but less drastically?
Rita: Yes, lighter is going to be the movement no matter what your length is.
Which celebrities do you think set hair color trends and who we should watch on the red carpet?
Rita: Rihanna, Beyonce, Jessica Alba and Charlize Theron will definitely be trendsetters to watch on the red carpet. They take risks and are not afraid to change their look completely from one minute to the next. They are confident and sexy women no matter what they do they own it and wear it well.

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