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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Josh Duhamel: Axl and North West Could Be an Item Someday

Axl Jack Duhamel, Fergie, and Josh / North West, Kanye, and Kim (Getty Images/Instagram)

Could Axl Jack and North West be Hollywood's future power couple?
Let's back up a second.
We caught up with Josh Duhamel at the Sundance Film Festival this week, where Fergie's husband was on hand to kick off Pedigree's "See What Good Food Can Do" campaign. 

The 41-year-old actor spent Monday visiting dog shelters in Utah and even filmed a documentary short in support of the program.
"I talked to Ferg about [bringing home a rescue] today, she says not yet," Josh told Yahoo (anyone else loving that he calls her "Ferg"?). "As soon as baby boy is old enough, we'll get another one."

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Josh Duhamel teams up with Pedigree at the Sundance Film Festival (AP Images)
Baby boy would be Axl Jack, who Josh says is doing just "great!"
"Everyday there seems to be another milestone," he shared. "He's 4 1/2 months now. She sent me a video yesterday of him laughing out loud, which was really cool! He just started doing that.
"Overall, he's a happy little guy," Josh added with a smile.
Fergie is close friends with Kim Kardashian, so we couldn't help but ask if Axl has had any play dates with North West, who is 7 months old.
"Not yet! No," he laughed. "But we should [get that on the books]. Who knows, maybe they'll be an item someday," he joked. “We'll see about that."
While matchmaker is something the "Safe Haven" star may be able to add to his resume someday, Duhamel is currently busy being a shelter dog ambassador.
"It was a natural sort of thing," Josh explained. "We're producing a show right now based on the same idea, following dogs from these shelters where they are about to be put down because they can't support them. So we follow them from these places, to a shelter, and then into the arms of a family that's looking for a dog … it's a happy ending.  Pedigree asked if I would help spread the word and I think it's fantastic. More than anything these shelters need help and food."

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