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Saturday, 25 January 2014

Justin, Jay Z, and Jacko: Bieber’s Bizarre Post-Bust Proclamation

Justin Bieber is speaking out about his arrest… we're just not 100 percent sure what he's trying to say.
A day after the drag racing, DUI, and drugs drama — not to mention his smug shot — the 19-year-old made his first statement about the whole mess in a post on Instagram Friday.

It included a lyric from Jay Z's "The Black Album." Borrowing from the song "What More Can I Say," the Canadian singer wrote, "What more can they say," along with a crown symbol.

The photo, though, is the head-scratcher. It's a split of two black-and-white pics: One is of Bieber, in a hoodie and sneakers, on an SUV after he was bonded out of Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center yesterday after his DUI. The other is of Michael Jackson atop an SUV after pleading not guilty to child molestation charges in 2004.
Not exactly the same thing.
We weren't the only ones confused by the comparison. Twitter had been on fire with posts like this:

 Then there are the ticked off Jackson fans:

Even the loyal Beliebers are a little, like, huh?!

And then there were a whole bunch of comments that we can't repost here.
In fairness to the Biebs, the comparison was initially made for him. A story on TMZ posted on Friday morning had the photos, in color, side by side. The story said the "Boyfriend" singer was "suffering from the same delusion that Michael Jackson once embraced — putting on a false air of confidence when behind the scenes their lives are falling apart." It said they had the same "Achilles' heel — drugs," and noted, "It didn't end well for Michael. It's not too late for Justin."

Jackson's SUV antics — which took place almost exactly a decade ago — were actually much more dramatic than Bieber's escapades yesterday. It took place outside the Santa Barbara County Courthouse. His session had ended, during which he entered his not guilty plea, and he had an assistant touch up his makeup. Then he walked outside as another aide held an umbrella to shield him from the sun. When he reached his SUV, Jackson — who was wearing a white shirt, dark suit, and a white armband — climbed on the roof, clapped his hands, stamped his feet, and blew kisses to his frenzied fans outside.
Footage of Jackson's bizarre display — in light of the serious accusations against him — was replayed over and over through the years as his behavior grew more unusual, his health deteriorated, and he ultimately died of a drug overdose in 2009.
We're thinking that's not exactly what a 19-year-old talented global superstar should be aspiring to.
Bieber's first comment since his arrest was preceded by some from members of his inner circle. His father Jeremy, who was with him in Miami this week, took to Twitter to support his eldest child. After a post that simply said "love" and tagged the names of all three of his children, he then took aim at an unspecified "enemy," which we are guessing is the media:

And Scooter Braun, Bieber's talent manager, who discovered him on YouTube and turned him into a worldwide sensation, also showed his support:

And that was followed by:

In the wee hours of Thursday morning, Bieber drove away from a nightclub — with a model named Chantel Jeffries in tow — and ended up being stopped by cops for allegedly drag racing in a Lamborghini against his singer friend Khalil. He was subsequently arrested for DUI and, according to the police report, admitted that he had been drinking, smoking pot, and had taken prescription medication. He was also charged with resisting arrest and driving with an expired license.

What do you think of Bieber's photo comparison? Weigh in below.

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