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Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Justin Verlander is hanging out with Kate Upton again — this is good for all of us

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Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander and model/actress Kate Upton haven't been an item in a while, but they might be again. The two were spotted at a Philadelphia Flyers hockey game over the weekend by astute fans (read: men who have their Kate Upton sensors set to 10 at all times).

The Verlander-Upton relationship has always been a sketchy one. They were never officially dating, but everybody said they were. That is, until they weren't — when Upton said last Valentine's Day she was single.

We're not going to try to guess what taking in a hockey game means for these young, rich and beautiful kids — just friends? Getting back together? We're just going to wish the best for the two of them and silently curse Verlander like Oakland A's fans did in Game 5 of last season's ALDS. Upton did recently split with boyfriend Maksim Chmerkovskiy (of "Dancing With the Stars" fame), so maybe that's a good sign for Verlander.

And if it's good him, then it's good for all of us. Why? Because it means we have another reason to post pictures of Kate Upton on baseball blogs.
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Nobody's mad at that.
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