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Sunday, 2 February 2014

Eric Decker's Wife Jessie James: How the Broncos' Wives Got Them to the Super Bowl

Eric Decker's Wife Jessie James: How the Broncos' Wives Got Them to the Super Bowl
Eric Decker's Wife Jessie James: …
Country singer and reality star Jessie James has formed a strong sisterhood with the other wives of the players on the AFC Champion Denver Broncos.
Her husband Eric Decker is a star wide receiver for the team and a big reason they have made it to the Super Bowl.
With the Broncos playing the Seattle Seahawks in the Super Bowl on Sunday in New Jersey, James and the wives might deserve a little credit, too, for helping get the team to the biggest game of the year.
"I'm like over the moon that we are here," she told ABC News. "The wives definitely pray together before each game. We did a big prayer before the last playoff game, we all sit there hand in hand, eyes closed and just pray. Now, we are here and we know our prayers worked, so we'll have to do it again this week!"
The "Eric and Jessie" star is pretty confident the Broncos will be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy at game's end.
"When they win, I'm going to be extremely excited and we are going to celebrate," she said. "There will be a lot of tears and laughter for sure."
But during the game, don't expect to see any jumping around from James; she's all business when watching her husband.
"The morning of games I get butterflies. At the game, I'm not really one of those that's jumping and screaming," she said. "I get very, very serious, very pensive. I'm just concentrating."
Lucky for the Broncos, one of their good luck charms just barely made the cutoff to travel to New York, as she is 32 weeks pregnant with a baby girl and can't travel much longer.
"After the game, I'll go right back to Denver and just relax until this baby hatches," she said.
While in New York, James also took part in the Yoplait Greek Taste-Off, which gives fans the chance to decided which they like better Yoplait or Chobani. James is a Yoplait fan.
"It's so funny, because during my pregnancy, this has been one of my cravings," she said. "This is like my midnight snack."
With the baby due any day now, James and Decker have revealed that their daughter's name will begin with a V.
"It's not a family name or anything," she explained. "Its a very Southern, traditional name that I fell in love. It's actually the name of one of the characters in one of my favorite movies as well. Eric loved it immediately, we didn't even think twice about it."
Could it be Violet from "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory"? Only time will tell.

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