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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Simon Cowell talks his way out of police fine, faces backlash for letting dog lick baby’s face

Here’s a lesson in how not to lead by example.
Simon Cowell managed to talk his way out of fine for walking his dogs on the beach. 
Simon Cowell has been given a police warning after he brought his two dogs to the beach alongside his girlfriend Lauren Silverman and newborn son Eric.

The 54-year-old X Factor judge caused quite the stir on a Miami beach as he walked his beloved Yorkshire terriers Squiddly and Diddly in a pet free zone.
Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman shouldn't have been walking their dogs on the beach. 
Tut Tut.

Pictures of the new dad show police handing him a warning after the ever smooth Simon managed to talk his way out of a $200 fine.
Simon Cowell was very close to being fined $200. 
An onlooker told the Mail Online: "[Simon] told them he would not do it again and seemed happy that he got away with a telling off."

Yesterday, pictures of Simon’s dogs licking 11-day-old Eric’s face emerged online as the family relaxed on the beach.
Simon Cowell's dog was seen licking his son's face. 
According to source close to the star, Simon had hired dog expert Edward Alava to ensure that his pets didn’t get jealous of his son.

The insider revealed: "Edward advised Simon on how to familiarise the dogs to Eric, telling Simon to put one of Eric's blankets in the pup's basket so they could get used to the newborn's smell."

Eric is said to have looked after the dogs as Lauren went into labour earlier this month  - giving them VIP treatment in his care.
Simon Cowell made sure his dogs were well looked after when Lauren Silverman was in labour. 
A source told the New York Post: “Edward would come to Simon's hotel, the St. Regis, to care for his two dogs and would walk them three times a day.

“Because of the snowy weather, Edward brought cashmere sweaters for the dogs and leather snow boots.”

From the sounds of it, these two have nothing to be jealous of in the slightest.

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