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Monday, 10 February 2014

Why Fashion Week's Front Row Is the Best Place for Besties

The front row at New York Fashion Week is filled with the industry's most elite editors and bloggers, there to report on the latest trends sent down the runway by top designers. But interspersed among those high-profile trendsetters are celebrities oohing and aahing over the awesome couture clothes and eyeing what they're going to wear to their next red carpet event. And you know how we regular women like shopping with a friend to get her opinion before splurging on a new dress or pricey pair of shoes? Well, celebs are no different, judging from the pairs of pals who hit the runway shows over the last week — BFFs including Anna Kendrick and Emmy Rossum and Bono and Chelsea Clinton. Check out some of the most fabulous famous friendships spotted in the front row at New York Fashion Week so far.

Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams 
Photo: Getty Images 
Sansa and Arya Stark, I mean Sophie Turner and Maisie Williams, attend the Christian Siriano show together, showing that onscreen sisterhood can carry over to real-life friendship. Winter may be coming in Westeros, but these two "Game of Thrones" actresses are sticking with springtime hues.
Front Row Friendships Game of Thrones

 Bono and Chelsea Clinton 
Photo: Getty Images 
Bono and Chelsea Clinton, sitting together at the Edun fall runway show, are probably brainstorming about how to help the world's orphans or end AIDS. Charity work never stops — even for showstopping fashion.
Front Row Friendships Bono and Clinton

Caitlin Fitzgerald and Taylor Schilling 
Photo: Getty Images 
You know you're BFFs when you take style tips from one another. Case in point: "Masters of Sex" actress Caitlin Fitzgerald wears a jumpsuit that might just have been inspired by a prison uniform, while "Orange Is the New Black" star Taylor Schilling wears a '60s-inspired dress that could have been taken straight from Libby Masters' closet.
Front Row Friendships Caitlin Fitzgerald and Taylor Schilling

Colin Farrell and Petra Nemcova 
Photo: Getty Images 
Model Petra Nemcova looks like a giddy girl meeting her childhood crush for the first time. Then again, isn't that how everyone looks when given the opportunity to cozy up to Colin Farrell?
Front Row Friendships Colin Farrell and Petra Nemcova

Kelly Rowland and Jenna Lyons 
Photo: Getty Images 
BeyoncĂ© and Michelle Williams will always be Kelly Rowland's Destiny's Child BFFs, but J. Crew creative director Jenna Lyons may be the singer's best friend in fashion. (Sorry, Tina Knowles, your coordinating outfits have been replaced by, well, preppier — and more covered up — coordinating outfits.)
Front Row Friendships Kelly Rowland and Jenna Lyons

Carrie Underwood and Zosia Mamet 
Photo: Getty Images 
Three's a crowd, and Anna Kendrick is the odd woman out. "Girls" star Zosia Mamet and country singer Carrie Underwood become insta-besties with a handshake at the Rebecca Minkoff show and leave Kendrick out in the cold. Literally – the actress is wearing a sleeveless dress in the middle of a New York winter. Brrr.
Front Row Friendships Carrie Underwood and Zosia Mamet

Tina Fey and Graydon Carter 
Photo: Getty Images 
Funny lady Tina Fey looks lovely in shades of blue, but so does her seatmate, Graydon Carter, Vanity Fair's editor in chief, as the pair take in Carolina Herrera's Fall/Winter 2014 show. Wearing matching outfits is a true sign of everlasting friendship, you know. Just ask any second-grader ...
Front Row Friendships Tina Fey

Anna Kendrick and Emmy Rossum 
Photo: Getty Images 
Anna Kendrick doesn't need friends like Mamet and Underwood when she has Emmy Rossum, whom she can count on to laugh genuinely at her jokes (even the so-so ones). If the pair weren't friends before New York Fashion Week, they're certainly BFFs now after taking in Monique Lhuillier's and Carolina Herrera's shows together.
Front Row Friendships Anna Kendrick and Emmy Rossum

Coco Rocha and Solange Knowles 
Photo: Getty Images 
Coco Rocha and Solange Knowles aren't, say, half-heart-necklace-set-level friends, but by the end of Fashion Week they could definitely be that close.
Front Row Friendships Coco Rocha and Solange Knowles

Bella Thorne and AnnaSophia Robb 
Photo: Getty Images 
If New York Fashion Week were high school, then 16-year-old Bella Thorne and AnnaSophia Robb, 20, would be the freshmen subjected to hazing along the lines of air raids and forced pacifier sucking. ("Dazed and Confused" anyone?) Luckily, the only grades given at Lincoln Center are hot or not, and these two fall into the former category sitting in the front row at the Diane von Furstenberg show.
Front Row Friendships Bella Thorne and AnnaSophia Robb

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