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Monday, 10 March 2014

Helen Flanagan on her strict vegan diet: I still eat the odd burger

Oh Helen….
Helen Flanagan is on a Vegan diet.. sort of. 

Helen Flanagan reckons she is a vegan who eats burgers.

Quite honestly, we just despair sometimes.

Despite proclaiming she is on a strictly vegan eating plan, Helen says she just can’t resist munching on meat every now and then.

“I’ve been really, really good at times but it is hard,” she said of her new animal product-free diet to The Sun, before adding:

“Every now and then I just need a burger! But I want to be good and I have been... more or less.”

Hmm, we’re not sure burgers are EVER on the vegan menu, Hel.
Helen Flanagan looked gorgeous in silver at the Manchester charity Mirror Ball at the weekend. 

The former Corrie actress's diet plan was put together by her new health guru, Green Goddess Life nutritionist Mel Wells, with whom she also did a private yoga lesson last week.

And Helen is hoping that the new eating programme will help her get down her target size six.

“I keep drinking Green Goddess shakes. I’m a 6-8 now but I’ll be happy when I get down to a 6,” she told New! last week before adding she has even set herself a time limit.

“It should take about two to three weeks,” she says.

However, we suspect it might take a bit longer if she keeps ordering the burgers!

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