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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Casey Batchelor's Guide To The Perfect Bikini Holiday

The main thing is to relax and be totally natural

Talk about a relaxing break.
Casey Batchelor is on her jollies. 

Casey Batchelor is on an extremely private holiday so we expect she will be devastated when she discovers that the pesky paps were tracking her every (totally natural) move.

The former CBB looked completely unaware that her photo was being taken however, one thing is certainly for sure – the 29-year-old is having an overseas riot.

So here is your very own 6-step guide guide to having a whale of a time on holiday just like Casey.

1) Firstly, relax:

Excellent rib work, Case. 

2) The last thing you want is dodgy tan lines, so be sure to sunbathe accordingly:
Casey isn't risking tan lines, people. 

3) Considering the heat, check regularly that you have applied a suitable amount of deodorant:

A quick sniff every 20-30 minutes should do. 

4) Always make sure you make the most of your best angles:

Casey knows her best 'ass-ets' (guffaw). 

5) If you are on holiday on your own, fear not - one is the new two. Thanks to modern technology, you can take your own holiday snaps just like Casey:

Who needs friends? 

6) Just make sure you can find signal when you want to tweet them to your adoring fans:

Finding the right mobile network abroad can be a nightmare. 

Finally, as a completely unrelated aside, Casey told OK! magazine this week: "I am serious about getting into comedy".

Call it a hunch but we think she could do very well in this field.

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