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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Lily Allen Brands Cheryl Cole's Music 'Pop Rubbish'

The singer poked fun at the Girls Aloud singer via a prank on her website

So they certainly haven’t made friends then.
Lily Allen has poked fun at Cheryl Cole. 

Lily Allen has reignited her feud with Cheryl Cole calling her music ‘pop rubbish’.

To be fair, she did recently agree that her own music ‘docile pop rubbish’ so perhaps Cheryl shouldn’t be that concerned.
Cheryl Cole has been targeted by Lily's website. 

Lily has installed a new search engine thing into her website which means when you type in certain star’s names certain phrases appear.

What comes up when you serach Cheryl Cole on Lily Allen's wesbite. Copyright: [Lily Allen]

And when you type in the name of Cheryl Cole, the search engine throws up the suggestion: "Do you mean 'docile pop rubbish'?"


The pair do have a bit of a history (to say the least) and have been exchanging digs for years.

Who could forget when Cheryl hit back at Lily’s comments that people ‘just think they want to look like Cheryl Cole’ saying that she is a ‘chick with a dick’(!)?

Lily even penned a less-than-flattering song about people wanted to look like Cheryl called ‘Cheryl Tweedy’ on her (somewhat ill-fated) chat show The Lily Allen Show.

However, this search engine also insults the Goddess that is Beyonce (OH NO SHE DIDN’T!) labeling her music the same – ‘docile pop rubbish’.

And she also took a swipe at her arch nemesis (yep, she has quite a few) Azealia Banks with her result being: "Did you mean 'Has Azelia Banks released an album yet?"

Oh, she also had a result especially for her recently made enemy, Katie Hopkins: "Did you mean What does Katie Hopkins do?"

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