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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Mariah Carey Spends £28k A Year On Massages And Manicures for HER DOGS

It's been a while since we've caught whiff of any of her eccentric diva moments.
Mariah Carey spends a whopping £28k on doggie grooming. 
So you can imagine our delight when we found out that Mariah Carey is still as TOTALLY bonkers as ever... thank the Lord!
And it seems that her diva-like behaviour extends to her pet pooches, as it's been revealed that she spends a whopping £28,000 PER YEAR on grooming the lucky little things.
A source has told The Mirror that Mariah forks out the - frankly ridic - amount of cash just so her eight dogs can get massages (yes, massages) and manicures (yes. manicures) on a regular basis.
The insider said: "Mariah pays for all the spa therapies herself and doesn’t expect any special treatment. Only her dogs get that.
Mariah Carey dotes on her eight dogs - look how happy they are!! 

“While prices start at £40 for a simple trim, other treatments are extra and Mariah’s dogs really seem to enjoy their wraps and full body massages.
Yes, the dogs not only receive wraps, but blueberry facials, Thai massages and full-on pampering sessions. Really.
The source added: "She pays for her doggies to travel with her first class on a whim. And when they can’t she will check them into doggy day care at salons Chateau Marmutt, Barkingham Palace, or Pour La Pooch."
Look how well groomed Mariah's pet pooch is. LOOK! 
And how to the doggies GET to their spa... with their own personal car and driver OF COURSE.
The insider continued: "She also employs a designated chauffeur to ferry them to and fro at around £400 a time.
“But she will always get the animals groomed before travelling – she likes them smart at all times."
Yeah, we *seriously* dread to think what she spends on her own grooming regime.

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