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Monday, 14 April 2014

Rita Ora Arrives At Coachella In See-Through Dress

The singer showed off on Instagram, as she touched down for the festival

Well, you’d hardly call her ‘shy and retiring’ would you?
Rita Ora looked phenomenal as she touched down for Coachella. 
Rita Ora made sure she grabbed everyone’s attention yesterday, as she touched down in LA wearing a v. hip and now see-through maxi-dress.
And no, we’re not talking your £10 Primark job here – our Rita’s able to go all fabulous and designer on us now.

The ‘Radioactive’ singer posted these typically restrained (and not at all show off-y) images as soon as she landed – revealing not only her cracking fashion sense, but also what seems to be a burgeoning appreciation for small aircraft.
She love's a light aircraft. 

She really likes that plane, doesn’t she?

The Rimmel enthusiast is heading for the Coachella festival, where she’s apparently off to have a gander at all the incredibly trendy musicians and support her boyf, Calvin Harris.

She’s been documenting her time at the festival since she arrived, reminding us all what we’re missing out on.
Erm… looks great mate... Maybe stick to the singing before you turn your hand at directing videos, yeah?

Rita was picked up from the airport by well-know fashion designer Jeremy Scott, and has spent much of her time with him already – even fannying about in the pool.
Rita and Jeremy went for a splash. 
All right for some, eh?

The 23-year old, like all well-heeled trendy popstars of late, is apparently a HUGE fan of the desert based Coachella festival and last year had such a raucous time she was seen being carried around by two of her mates.

Well, at least her mates carried her. When we went to Glastonbury we were passed out in a ditch for 3 hours and missed Kenny Rodgers. 

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