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Thursday, 15 May 2014

Dolly's Worried For Miley

                                                       Dolly Parton on May 13, 2014 / inset: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus' recent headlines are cause for Dolly Parton to worry.
Access Hollywood spoke to the country music legend about her latest album, "Blue Smoke," and she also opened up about Miley's recent ups and downs.
"I worry a lot because she's like my, she's like kin folk, although we're not related, we really feel like family. I've loved Billy Ray since he came on the scene and we worked a lot together. And I was there when Miley was born and I just loved her," Dolly said of the 21-year-old.
Despite having some worries, Dolly has faith in the young singer.
"I've watched her through the years. She's so talented, she's so smart," she said. "I'm gonna trust her. I'm just gonna hope for the best, and I think she's extremely talented, extremely smart. And, I hope her decisions are the right ones down the road for her."
Adding, "And if not, I'll still love her

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