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Tuesday, 13 May 2014

The Ugliest Trends of All Time (And Why We Loved Them)

During the biannual "fashion months" here at Teen Vogue, our editors sift through every runway show from New York to Paris to Australia, scouting the top trends for the season to come. With similar shapes, silhouettes, and colors continuously resurfacing, these born-again styles (hello, socks with sandals) constantly have us rummaging through the depths of our closets for those forgotten pieces that were once cool...and then uncool...and then cool again.
Isn't it crazy how quickly we deem a once-loved trend a non-wearable faux-pas? How we can obsess over a style one day (Harem pants! Platform sneakers! Vinyl jackets!) and consider it hideous the next? The truth is fashion is fickle, and whether or not we want to admit it, things that might seem ugly to us now were once totally our jam. So, we decided to gather up 10 bygone trends and remember why we loved them...because we a big way.

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