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Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Gwen Stefani On 'The Voice' Advice From Christina Aguilera & Shakira

                                                           Gwen Stefani -
Gwen Stefani will take the reins as the solo female coach on "The Voice" for Season 7.
Did the No Doubt singer get any advice on how to handle Blake Shelton and Adam Levine from her predecessors, Christina Aguilera or Shakira?
"Shakira I didn't really get to talk to," Gwen told Access Hollywood's Liz Hernandez in an exclusive new interview, adding that she only met the "Empire" singer briefly. "I met her when I got to do 'Hollaback Girl' with Pharrell [on the show] that time, and it was just a second. I got to see her baby and oh my God, the baby is so beautiful!"
Gwen said she received a lot of encouragement from Christina and the two moms bonded over a birthday party playdate.
"With Christina, she wrote me this really sweet note like right when it was all going down," Gwen said. "Then she ended up coming over for Kingston's birthday party and brought over Max. It was just like, 'Yeah!' She was all girl power.
"[She said,] 'You gotta be like this and you gotta do that,' and she was like, 'You're gonna love it! You are gonna be fine, you're gonna be fine,'" she continued, recounting Xtina's advice. "She was really sweet to me."
Will the rest of No Doubt ever join Gwen on the show for a performance?
"That would be amazing," she said. "That would be really cool because I think that it's a whole other part of who I am and being in that band for since [I'm] a teenager, it would be really great to have them come on the show."

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