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Saturday, 26 July 2014

Happy Birthday, Sandra Bullock: 50 and Fabulous!

She doesn't look a day over 30, but believe it or not America's sweetheart Sandra Bullock turns a fabulous 50-years-old on July 26, 2014 ... and we're pretty sure her secret to looking eternally youthful has something to do with her zodiac sign: LEO!
Leos like Bullock are symbolized by the lion, and many of these cool cats appear and behave far younger than their physical age -- which is a good thing, as Bullock requires a lot of energy to balance her film career, stay fit, date younger men like Chris Evans, and chase after her adopted 4-year-old son, Louis.
Possessing the natural charisma of a Leo can also have a downside, though, as Bullock found out last month when she was the victim of a home intruder. The stalker, 39-year-old Joshua Corbett, was apprehended at the scene without harming Bullock and he remains in jail, but it's not the first time Bullock has dealt with the ups and downs of fame.
Most notably, the cheating scandal of 2010, when Bullock suffered the pain and public embarrassment of discovering her husband, Jesse James, had been having affairs with at least three different women.
After filing for divorce, Bullock admitted to being "broken" and unsure about continuing to make movies, but guess what... Leos are as resilient as the sun that rules their zodiac sign!
Back on top, with a recent Best Actress Academy Award nomination for "Gravity" and a brand-new movie deal with Sony to star in the true life story of Tupperware creator Brownie Wise, Bullock is indeed 50 and fabulous -- as her birth chart reveals...
The Astrology of Sandra Bullock
Born Sandra Annette Bullock in Arlington, Va., at 3:15 a.m. on July 26, 1964, Bullock is a fiery Leo, for sure, but she also has a Gemini Rising and an Aquarius Moon -- both breezy Air signs.
While Leos are known for their larger-than-life self-confidence (sometimes even bordering on arrogance) and a love of the limelight, Bullock's extra Air energy balances out the Fire, making her much more a friendly girl-next-door than over-the-top movie star.
Part of her incredible cuteness factor is the result of a delightful Venus-Mars conjunction in Gemini. When Venus and Mars -- Astrology's lovers -- are next to one another in a chart, the charm factor is usually quite high. Also, the union of these planets of beauty (Venus) and action (Mars) in the chatty, playful and fresh-faced sign of Gemini not only makes Bullock adorably attractive, but it allows her to continue playing youthful leads.
See Sandra Bullock's complete Astrology birth chart for more of what gives her staying power on the Hollywood scene!

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