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Thursday, 7 August 2014

How Marriage Has Affected 'Bachelor' Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici's Relationship

Millions of fans watched "Bachelor" stars Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici say "I do" in January.
According to Lowe, "not much has changed" since their televised nuptials.
"We still stay busy and we're traveling all the time," he told ABC News, "but the nice part is we're always together."
Lowe, 30, and Giudici, 28, were traditional about their courtship and famously waited until marriage to consummate their relationship. But saying "I do" also meant being able to live together in Dallas, officially -- which did present one issue for the couple.
"I'm definitely a very messy person," Giudici said. "My sister mentioned that to him before he chose me so he has had to deal with my clothes everywhere -- I like to change five times a day! But I'm trying to keep our house really nice for him."
"It drives me nuts," Lowe added. "She's getting better but it's a process."
Still, the two make time for romance. Both spokespeople for ProFlowers' Romance Month campaign for August, Giudici gushed that they're "date night people."
"Whether it's him planning a date or me planning a date, I like to [explore] Dallas and my favorite thing to do are things he's never done," she said. "That's romantic for me: thinking about having our first memories together."
One first that's not just around the corner? Their first child. Guidici said that neither of them have "the bug" yet.
"We admire babies and children. We look at them and say, 'I like you,' but it's not in our hearts yet," she said. "We talk about it constantly though. I'm really curious to see what they look like!"

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