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Tuesday, 17 February 2015


2015 Oscar Predictions: And The Oscar Goes To...
Award season is in full swing, and my predictions of winners is complete. Award season is my favorite season for three reasons. First, I love seeing what all the stars are wearing on the red carpet and always giving my own opinions. Second, having viewing parties with my friends always makes for a good time and making my friends listen to all my opinions is so much better than talking to my TV.Make sure you have your winners predicted and have a red carpet worthy viewing party of your own on February 22nd.Third, once the nominations are out I head to the movie theater and make to sure to watch all the nominated movies. I’m no expert but I take award season very seriously, and there is no possible way to make informed decisions with out seeing these movies (even though hoping the best looking male or the best dressed female wins is a totally valid reason to want someone to win). I have my winners predicted, and lucky for everyone, I’m willing to share my Oscar predictions. I’ve included the 10  enjoy the most. It’s always exciting to see if the new comer takes one home, or if your all time favorite actor or actress gets snubbed once again (one day Leo, one day). Make sure you have your winners predicted and have a red carpet worthy viewing party of your own on February 22nd.

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