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Thursday, 5 March 2015

American Idol Top 8 Guys Recap: W(ednesday's) T(errible) F(allout)

American Idol Top 8 Guys Recap: W(ednesday's) T(errible) F(allout)

My smile is my makeup
I wear since my break up with you
Idol, take a good look at my face
You’ll see my smile
 looks out of place
If you look closer, it’s easy to trace
The tracks of my tears
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My name is not Smokey Robinson, and yet tonight, I feel his pain.
After all, on Wednesday’s American Idol Season 14 Top 8 Guys Performance Night, there was only one terrible, horrible, no good, very bad elimination.
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But when you juxtapose Savion Wright’s (and perhaps even Riley Bria’s) ousters against lesser lights who advanced — and how those lights flickered, sputtered and died out in their subsequent Motown-themed performances — these tiny ripples in the ocean of reality singing competitions feel like soul-crushing tsunamis.
This crisp slap in the face to Savion — like the ones delivered to Kendra Chantelle, Sabrina Sloan, Katelyn Epperly, Aloha Mi’Sho and so many other Idol semifinalists before him — shall pass. But I need at least a little time between now and tomorrow’s dawn ’til I can take Princess Elsa’s advice and let it go.
On that note, let’s get to the proceedings. Eliminated in the course of Top 8 Guys’ Night: Michael Simeon, Riley Bria, Savion Wright and Trevor Douglas.
And now, a rundown of the Top 8 guys:
Daniel Seavey – Marvin Gaye’s “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” — Grade: C- | I’ve seen more natural movin’ and groovin’ onTeletubbies. But while Harry rightfully pointed out the lack of rhythmic urgency in the teenager’s delivery, how come nobody mentioned his iffy falsetto and his utter lack of emotional connection to the material? J.Lo’s “you’re gonna be a favorite around here” — when she knows the kid is completely out of his depth — was perhaps the most galling comment of the night. Then again, you could go with Keith’s “All you need is to just keep doing this!” NOOOO! Go back to school and focus on your studies, Daniel!

Mark Andrew – The Temptations’ “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” — Grade: C | To quote Sex and City’s Lexi Featherston, “I’m so bored I could die!” I know, I know… at first blush, that seems like an overly harsh assessment of a performance that was mostly in tune. But Mark’s Dave Matthews-esque arrangement — combined with his total failure to dig in to any portion of the song — left me scratching my head wondering if he’s following The C.J. Harris How to Finish Sixth on Idol (But Leave the Impression You Finished 11th) Handbook.

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