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Thursday, 5 March 2015

Why Lady Gaga And Vin Diesel Should Be In Every Movie And TV Show

Why Lady Gaga And Vin Diesel Should Be In Every Movie And TV Show

EXCLUSIVE: Wondering why singer Lady Gaga ended up on the next American Horror Story? Or how Vin Diesel is driving massive interest in the upcoming Furious 7 movie? For some quick clues, take a look at our annual compilation of Hollywood’s biggest performers on social media, put together by RelishMix, which tracks film and TV properties across Twitter, Facebook and YouTube for studios and networks.
This year’s Top Ten compilation shows three of the Furious 7 stars skyrocketing in social media, including Diesel, newcomer to the Facebook top 10 Jason Statham (No. 8 with 48.1 million page likes) and Dwayne Johnson (No. 9 at 46.4 million), notes RelishMix CEO Marc Karzen. Diesel, of course, is Facebook royalty, with a whopping 90.5 million likes of his official page.
Together, the three Furious 7 stars have seen their Facebook followings explode over the past year, adding nearly 50 million followers in the past year combined, which is great news for Universal when the film debuts April 3. The movie’s own Facebook presence is also huge with 54 million likes.
Not surprisingly, a performer’s social media footprint is strongly considered when studios start strategizing a film’s marketing campaign, so it’s not surprising that late last year Universal took to social media to debut a trailer on the film’s FB page which quickly drew 100 million views.
Gaga, who sang at the Oscars last month (where her performance was the most talked about thing on social media all night), is a two-platform threat: No. 5 on Twitter (with 17.2 million followers) and a fast-growing Facebook presence, with another 18.7 million likes. In fact, she’s tops among all “actors” on Twitter, with 44.6 million followers, and No. 3 on Facebook, with 67.3 million likes of her official page.
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Three other performers also known as much or more for their singing as their acting are just behind Gaga on the Twitter top 10, includingJustin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez and Selena Gomez. Timberlake also had the single biggest jump in Twitter followings this year, adding 10.7 million to grow to 42.5 million followers, a one-third increase.

The seemingly omnipresent comic actor Kevin Hart made social-media marketing waves with Think Like A Man 2 and still has a formidable presence, including a No. 5 spot on Twitter. Last year’s hit film Ride Along helped drive awareness for the film on social media and Hart himself is heavily engaged with his fans. Diesel is the same way, while other stars like Emma Watson has an entire social media team behind her.

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