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Saturday, 16 May 2015

Ahhhhhhhhh, There's the Miley Cyrus We Know and Love

     Miley Cyrus performs at the party for the Adult Swin upfront in New York (Instagram)
Miley Cyrus performs at the party for the Adult Swin upfront in New York (Instagram)
Miley Cyrus has been on something of a philanthropic kick as of late. But every once in a while it's good to let the hellcat out of the proverbial bag, which is exactly what she did onstage at the Adult Swim upfront party Wednesday night.
Cyrus, 22, showed up dressed in sheer tights, nipple pasties, full-length dinner gloves, and butterfly wings. After performing her first song, per Variety, she asked, "Where's my joint? I'll grab a lighter." During her set she went on to cover songs by Johnny Cash and Led Zeppelin.

She also covered Khia's "My Neck, My Back."
And never accuse Miley Cyrus of being selfish. Not sure whether the crowd was, um, altered enough, she had this to say: "Are you guys drunk yet? Are you guys high yet? No?! You’re gonna be at a show where I’m dressed as a f--king butterfly and not be high? I’m down to share." Miley then made good on her word and passed her blunt into the audience. "You better pass that back," she warned.
It's been nearly two years since Cyrus released Bangerz, so, presumably, a new album is on its way. In fact, she even performed a portion of a new song called "Tiger Dreams," clips of which are being pulled from YouTube as quickly as they pop up.
If Cyrus is ramping up to promote a new album, we can expect plenty more of this delightfully unhinged behavior in the near future. Bring it on! And lest you forget Miley's innumerable talents that rest under all the body glitter, this cover of "Don't Dream It's Over" with Ariana Grande had ought to settle that.

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