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Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Meet Pia Mia, Your New Favorite Style Star

Meet Pia Mia, Your New Favorite Style Star

Pia Mia is about to be a star. The name might not ring a bell, but just wait until summer when her new jam “Do It Again” featuring Chris Brown and Tyga blasts from every radio. Pia earned her first moment in the spotlight thanks to her bffs—Kylie and Kendall Jenner. The singer, who hails from Guam, busted out an insane Drake cover at the dinner table, right across from Kanye. Kim recorded the whole thing, released it into the world (of course), and the rest, as they say, is history. Well, history in the making, anyways. Aside from her new single, Pia has also been chosen as the face for Missguided, the hip British brand with pure “California girl” sensibilities. We talked to Pia about her Missguided shoot, her new record, and our mutual favorite activity: karaoke.
YAHOO STYLE: Your record comes out next week, and you’re the new face of Missguided, what has your day been like so far?
PIA MIA: Well, today has been kinda chill, I have been out enjoying the sun. I’ve been up since like 7:45am, and I’m like “wow! I didn’t know this is what 7:45 am looked like! It’s so beautiful!” I think I should do it more often.
YS: Ha! We totally know the feeling. So tell me about working with Missguided, what was the shoot like?
PM: I’ve been wearing Missguided for a while, so when they told me they wanted me to be their girl I was super hyped, like “hell yeah, let’s do this!” We shot the campaign out in Palm Springs, in a few different locations but my favorite was this place called Salvation Mountain. It’s a really cool, like, art piece, in the middle of the desert. I had always wanted to go there so that was really cool.
YS: Yes, that place is so cool! Did you have a favorite piece that you wore from the shoot?
PM: I’m pretty much obsessed with everything I wore, since the campaign was super collaborative and I helped them pick out the outfits I was going to wear, but they did make me a black bomber jacket with my name on the back that I love. I wear it all the time. I got to keep all the clothes and the shoes, which was also cool. I already used to wear Missguided all the time, but now I’m like really wearing it all the time! You can wear it to any occasion which is why I love it so much.
YS: Your new single “Do It Again,” just came out last week, congratulations!

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