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Thursday, 18 June 2015

“Bitch I’m Madonna” Is a Standard Moschino Rave

It’s here! After Madge’s cryptic social media announcement about the release of her “Bitch I’m Madonna” music video, the much-anticipated project is officially on the interwebs (or Tidal, to be precise). In true Madonna form, it’s a total spectacular. Although different from her sexy matador “Living for Love,” it’s not a far cry from her sartorial choices IRL…because it’s practically a Jeremy Scott for Moschino fashion show in cinematic form. 
In line with the rave-like setting (filmed at the oh-so-trendy Standard Hotel in New York City), she’s dressed in a tight cheetah print dress and bright pink leather jacket completely covered with gold studs. There are hot pink tips added to her blonde tresses, making it even more difficult to believe that the songstress is 56 years old young.
“Bitch I’m Madonna” Is a Standard Moschino Rave 
The Queen of Pop has been teasing us all with Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Nicki Minaj, and Rita Ora cameos on her social media — and what a tease it was! For one, the roster of cameos far surpassed the six singers. Sock puppets, break-dancers, and too-cute-for-word girls that look just like Madonna circa the ‘80s (bows, pearls, lace and all) make appearances. So do Diplo, Chris Rock, John Kortajarena (a male model and Tom Ford’s muse), Alexander Wang, and Kanye West. (Ohhh, Tidal, how we love thee!
Many believed Madonna was following in Taylor Swift’s footsteps by enlisting a songstress squad, but this video was nothing like the never ending girl gang of “Bad Blood.” There was a flash of Miley Cyrus—seriously, just enough time for her to flip a middle finger and stick out her tongue—two seconds of Katy Perry, and the same (if not less) for Beyoncé. 
Even better, Nicki Minaj, who rocked pink hair and bondage gear, rapped next to Madonna…on a flat screen. Now we know it’s no easy task being in the presence of her royal Madgesty. But if Kanye could do it, Minaj, who couldn’t you? 

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