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Sunday, 14 June 2015

Jennifer Lawrence Changes Hot Bodyguards With the Seasons

Taylor Swift has matching sets, Leo DiCaprio has Citibike rides and selfie sticks, but Jennifer Lawrence's start-of-summer routine is much more interesting  Switching up her roster of super-hot bodyguards.
After being spotted with an incredibly chiseled bodyguard at LAX this winter, she was photographed in Tribeca this week with this equally hot man.
Naturally, people have been taking note:
...for Greg Lenz. But! A closer look into Jennifer Lawrence's hot bodyguard archives reveals a shocking twist: He's been working for her since at least 2013. The only problem was, there wasn't a good enough picture of Mr. Lenz for anyone to take notice—until now.
Here's Lenz in 2013:
And here he is again in 2013 (that's him on the far right):
Now let's take another look at the photo from this week:
How about an even closer look:
And maybe another one, just for good measure:
Yep, there it is. Have a great Friday, everyone.

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