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Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Lindsay Lohan Is Back With Another Fashion Collaboration

Lindsay Lohan Is Back With Another Fashion Collaboration

Lindsay Lohan models a LINDSAY LOHAN X LAVISH ALICE black suede fringe minidress.
Lindsay Lohan’s been lying low of late (mostly spending her time completing court-mandated volunteer hours and shilling diet products on her Instagram account), but on Monday she revealed a new fashion collaboration with British brand Lavish Alice. The 19-piece collection features sleek items such as striped capes with matching shorts, along with fringed and tasseled tops and bottoms. 
You’ve gotta give it up for Lindsay, who continues to try to make fetch happen, holding on to that “designer” moniker despite the fact that it almost always results in catastrophe. Take, for example, Lohan’s collection for Ungaro in spring 2010 or her line of leggings with knee pads. And, as much as it pains us, we’ll give it to her: the Lavish Alice offerings are definitely some of her less offensive work, and we actually really love the knitted bell-bottoms and matching top — very Marc Jacobs fall 2014! Yet there are still weird things, like extra-long tasseled shorts and all-over fringed trousers that look like a costume straight out of Where the Wild Things Are
A tasseled jacket from Lohan’s collaboration with Lavish Alice.
Still, we have to wonder, who is buying this stuff because Lindsay designs it? She hasn’t done a movie since 2013′s The Canyons, and she hasn’t done a good movie since Mean Girls in 2004! But as long as she’s living a healthy life and not running people over in her car or whatever, then we’re all for her commercial endeavors. Actually, now that we think about it, that Super Bowl commercial where she’s a “sorta mom”was really funny. Come back to comedy life, Lindz!

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