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Monday, 8 June 2015

The Beauty Secrets of K-Pop Stars

The Beauty Secrets of K-Pop Stars

K-pop, or Korean Pop, originated in South Korea and has become a global hit. Characterized by groups of singers and visual effects, the genre has become a veritable subculture, complete with fan faves, idol worship, and yes—beauty routines that will change your life. In fact, even many guys are known for their makeup looks. Here, a look at some of the biggest stars’ secrets, including how they get that *flawless* skin. (Hint: they’re all about the H20.)
Sulli of f(x)
The singer is all about Etude House cosmetics (she was their brand ambassador), but uses the Sweet Recipe Baby Choux Base, a primer, to smooth out her complexion and make it all *glowy* before applying BB cream. (Highlighters and dewy skin is everything that is enviable in South Korea.) Courtesy of GETTY
Jiwon of SPICA
Like many K-pop stars, Jiwon saves the makeup drama for the videos and performances. “I prefer to use tint rather than lipstick these days, Korean gals don’t call it makeup when they put BB [blemish balm] cream and just tint only,” she told Billboard. “For me, basic makeup is preferred. I’d draw some shade on eyes, lines at the edge as my eyelids are thin and apply mascara all over.

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