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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Jason Derulo: DUMPED By Daphne Joy?!

Well, that didn't take long.
Less than a year after the world learned that Jason Derulo and Daphne Joy were hooking up, TMZ is reporting that the couple has officially called it quits.
Derulo is best known for such hit singles as "Talk Dirty" and "Wiggle," while Joy is probably most famous for being one of 50 Cent's baby mamas.
It seems Jason received a bit of karmic payback for dumping Jordin Sparks over the phone back in 2014, as sources say Daphne cut him loose without warning.
We're sure he'll do fine, but hopefully Sparks fans are enjoying the fact that Derulo was taken down a peg.
Reps for the couple say the split was amicable, Jason and Daphne are still friends, and other such nonsense.
Some fans claim Jason and Daphne were never even serious, and were in more a "friends with benefits" situation, with one of those benefits being free publicity.
Despite his string of hits, Jason falls just short of mainstream A-lister status, and Daphne is a relative unknown.
But as a couple, they were bigger than the sum of their parts.
Pics of Jason and Daphne frolicking on the beach often went viral for fairly obvious reasons:
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So yeah, they were using each other for more than PR, but Daphne's social media following skyrocketed during her time with Derulo.
We're sure he enjoyed their time together in his own way, too.
Here's wishing these two all the best.
We're sure Jason is recovering with melancholy 18-some as we speak.

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