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Thursday, 7 November 2013

Why Is Kim Kardashian Obsessed With Wearing White?!

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Kim in a mini on Thursday and a lace dress (exposing her undies!) 
We know Kim Kardashian loves being a bride — at 33, she's gearing up for her third trip down the aisle — but she also seems to love dressing like one. Since Kanye West popped the question on Oct. 21, the reality TV star has worn white for every big appearance she's made — and then some. For those in need of a klothing rekap (sorry, couldn't resist), that would be her "The Tonight Show" chit-chat on Wednesday, Las Vegas birthday party on Oct. 25, and the Dream for Future Africa Foundation gala one day earlier. Plus, while out and about in L.A. yesterday, she wore this mini from the family's line for Lipsy.
Now that's a whole lotta sexy white outfits in a short amount of time, so we wondered: Is she trying to send the world some type of message? And if so, what the heck is it? "For me, it's like she's saying, 'I'm back and I'm not going anywhere,'" celebrity stylist Jason Bolden tells omg!. "'Now that I have a baby, I want everybody to see this body. I want everybody to see this silhouette. Furthermore, this is my third time [getting married] and I think this time is right.'" He continues, "So her statement is: 'Who says you can't wear white again? Not only am I going to wear it — I'm going to wear it every day."

She spilled out of this ensemble in Vegas and showed her stomach at a charity gala
Bolden says the color also conveys a message of extravagance — fitting for one half of a Hollywood powercouple.
"Here's the thing with white: It screams luxury," he says. "It screams wealth. If someone wears that color, they have to have some kind of disposable income and not really care what's going to happen to it, because you know it's not going to be white after you wear it."

As for what fiancé Kanye may have to do with all her white outfits? "Everything," says Bolden. "Everyone can see the transition she's made since they got together until now — what her style evolution has been. She's definitely more designer driven. More that that, she's created a point a view — a high fashion point of view. And he is obviously the guru in the relationship."
Just because Kim, perhaps at Kanye's urging, is wearing white non-stop since she became betrothed, don't expect this to be a trend with all brides-to-be.
"By and large, brides do not flock to stores to buy white uniforms to wear for the next six to 12 months of their life," laughs Harmony Walton, founder of the wedding concierge service The Bridal Bar. "However, there may be times you find them in white over the course of their wedding planning — at an engagement party, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, wedding, and post-wedding day brunch. So there are reasons for the bride to go out and buy more white outfits than they typically do, but there's no trend taking shape that brides-to-be are going to start wearing white five days a week to the office, that's for sure."

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Kim also wore white for her first post-engagement event with Kris — though we know how that story ended. 
As for whether it's tacky for Kim, who has been married twice before, to wear the color while celebrating her engagement (interestingly, she also wore white when stepping out for the first time after getting engaged to Kris Humphries in May 2011), the answer, as far as wedding etiquette goes, is no. And she has a green light to wear the hue on her big day as well.
"Originally a bride wore white on her wedding day to symbolize purity and feminine wholeness, but once people started having premarital sex, that went out the window," says Walton. "Now we even see women wearing color for their first wedding or white at their second wedding, that's totally acceptable."

But expect Kim's dress to be different than the princess Vera Wang gown she wore when she married Kris. According to reports, she'll go with a different designer — likely one selected by Kanye — for the wedding, which she has hinted will be a destination wedding, perhaps in Europe, next summer.
"Kanye is so fashion intense, I could see him having a small role in the design of the dress and getting a very different look than what she would typically wear," says Walton. "In order to honor him and his input, we're going to see something very different. But still really big, very over-the-top with her style. But still a showstopper because, at the end of the day, that seems to be what Kim Kardashian wants to be."
That's the truth: the future Mrs. Kim Kardashian West is an expert at getting attention ... no matter what color she wears.

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