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Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Crystal Bowersox Drops Some Dread Weight, Comes Out for Christmas

Crystal before she cut off her dreadlocks [photo: Rolling Stone]

"American Idol" Season 9 runner-up Crystal Bowersox recently shocked longtime fans when she tweeted a photo of herself sans the famous dreadlocks she wore for more than seven years, rocking a modest shoulder-length 'do instead.

"I know it sounds gross, but I kept all the hair. I have it in a bag!" Crystal revealed with a chuckle, speaking to abc news after a sold-out gig at McCabe's Guitar Shop in Los Angeles.

"Those dreads were really heavy. They'd been weighing me down. I've actually been gradually cutting them off myself, one by one. I would try to comb them out and they would just disintegrate. I haven't been to a professional hairdresser yet," Crystal said, fingering the ends of her D.I.Y. haircut.

As for what Crystal plans to do with that bag of discarded dreadlocks, Locks of Love is apparently out of the question ("No, they do not want dreads; dreads smell," Crystal laughed), but she does plan to do something special and spiritual with her dreads, like "bury them by the roots of a tree" or perhaps incorporate them into some future artwork.

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