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Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Vegan Beyoncé's Animal Obsession


One week after taking the vegan challenge, how exactly is Beyoncé doing?

Well, her food is very clean, according to Instagram photos of her meals and the restaurants that she's visited, but her wardrobe is a completely different matter. The "Love On Top" singer, 32, caught some heat on Twitter when, just two days after embarking on what Jay Z described as a 22-day "spiritual and physical cleanse," she stopped by an animal product-free restaurant, Native Foods, in L.A. wearing a camouflage jacket with what appeared to be fur around the collar.

Now, Bey's shared snaps of herself wearing a giraffe hood and hooves. Was it a fashion statement? Just a way to make Blue Ivy laugh? (Although that doesn't explain her grabbing her breasts!) Or was it her way of responding to all the haters? More logically, it could simply be a photo shoot or just a way to express how badly she wants to eat meat and dairy.

Beyoncé (Tumblr)

You know someone like B — who's used to winning — hates giving up, even when it's just a challenge from her husband to go without animal products for a few weeks!

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