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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Giddyup! Check Out Rita Ora's My Little Pony Dress

Rita Ora in a My Little Pony X Alice Vandy dress on Saturday. (Rotello/Rex/REX USA)

Fashionistas: Hold on to your hooves for this one!
Rita Ora brought the '80s to life, stepping out in this body-hugging My Little Pony minidress in Saturday on London. While the British singer showed off her perfect pins in thigh-high boots and accessorized with a red collar, we just couldn't take our eyes off that dress.
The frock — white with (pretty!) ponies covering it along with the words My Little Pony spelled out in oversize letters — may be a fun shot of nostalgia, but it's a new creation. There's actually an entire line of MLP-inspired clothes, which are a collaboration between the creators of the toy line and British designer Alice Vandy, in honor of the franchise's 30-year anniversary.
This particular dress worn by Rob Kardashian's ex retails for about $90 and is one of the more modest ones in the collection. There are also bodysuits, with not very much material, featuring horses Bow Tie and Applejack on the front. There is also a crop top with Cheerilee's mug on it.
Ora gets a thumbs up from the dress designer herself for the way she wore the mane mini.
"I love Rita's style," Vandy told  on Tuesday. "She's so quirky with her look and fearless, which I really admire."
As for her inspiration for the line, Vandy said, "I absolutely love My Little Pony — the colors are like a bubblegum fairytale. It's one of those toys which will never go out [of style]. I had so many as a child that my dad had to make to make a stable for them," adding with a wink, "I'm pretty sure I still have it somewhere."
Of note, neither Vandy nor Ora were born until after Hasbro launched the line in 1983. (Vandy is 26; Ora is 23.) That's how much staying power the brand has had — and, with its "friendship is magic" tagline, it's still going strong. The "My Little Pony" series airs on Hub Network — ponies Shining Armor and Princess Cadance were married in a pop culture-infused "royal wedding" in 2012, which was modeled after Prince William and Kate Middleton's nups (the female pony guests even wore fascinators) — and the toy line is ever growing.
Rarity weighed in on Ora's dress. 
In fact, we thought we'd ask one of the ponies themselves to weigh in on the important topic of Ora's dress. So we hit up Rarity, of course, because the sparkle-loving unicorn is a talented fashion designer in the land of Equestria and loves giving style tips to her My Little Pony pals.
"I absolutely love this dress. The assortment of the pastel colors make it a truly magical piece!" Rarity tells Yahoo exclusively. "If I had designed this though, I would have added a few gems to make it really sparkle! I would love the chance to design Rita's next dress for her to wear at the Grand Galloping Gala!"
Wow – that's quite an offer. If it happens, you can bet you'll see it it in 2 Hot 2 Handle.

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