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Thursday, 6 February 2014

Cher's Son Elijah Blue Allman Opens Up About Estranged Relationship With His Mom

Elijah Blue and Cher (Getty Images)

For the past several years, the media's been transfixed with stories about Cher's son, Chaz Bono, and his gender transition from woman to man. But most folks forget that Cher has another son, Elijah Blue, from her second marriage to rocker Gregg Allman. And now her recently married younger son, 37, is going public about his estranged relationship with his superstar mother.
Elijah Blue eloped with musician Mariengela (Angie) King in early December, marrying in a small ceremony in front of the fireplace at their home in Beverly Hills, California. But mom was not invited. Moreover, although the couple had been living with Cher at her Malibu compound as recently as last summer while Elijah Blue was recuperating from his battle against Lyme disease, they weren't invited to join mom for Christmas this year.

"Yeah we had Christmas and you know, it was good. I think my mom had just witnessed me go through such a brutal and long battle that I think just … just the nerves are raw because I think just, for something to go on for so many years, I can understand how it gets … it's taxing," he told "Entertainment Tonight" anchor Rob Marciano in a new interview. "I think the one thing I've learned about parents is, they never think that you're an adult. You'll never be an adult."

It should be noted that Elijah Blue didn't invite Cher to his wedding before Cher neglected to welcome him and Angie for Christmas. 
"I'll just say this you know, I know she's getting ready for a big tour and I've always accepted a certain kind of standard in my family," he tells Marciano. "I'm just so used to it after all these years. So, I know she's quite happy for us you know, for sure. If it's vocal or not."
"So she hasn't been vocal? She didn't write, she didn't call?" Marciano asked.
"Not yet but I know um, I know she's happy for us and I know she's got a lot on her plate right now."

Elijah Blue opened up further to the Daily Mail about his reasons for eloping. "I wasn't going to wait for anyone's approval and congratulations just like I've never waited for any of that my whole life. The way I eloped with my wife is the same way I've done everything I've ever done. I don't know any other way and we knew it was the right time."

"I've always been the black sheep of my family," he continued. "The reason being we just have different value systems and we just have a different mentality and that clashes a lot. We have lots of ups and downs and right now isn't the best time. Had we been getting on a little bit better along maybe it would have been different."

But Cher may get another chance. Elijah Blue told the Daily Mail that he and Angie are planning two more wedding celebrations over the course of the next year — in Germany in May and another at their Los Angeles home later in the summer — so perhaps Cher will turn up at one of those.

"I'll be very shocked if she doesn't come," he said hopefully.

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Elijah Blue and wife Angie (Coleman-Rayner)
Angie — who's in a German pop band that's assigned to Elijah Blue's music label — told The Daily Mail, however, that Cher's mother, Georgia Holt, did congratulate them. "She's a darling," Angie said.

Elijah Blue explained to "Entertainment Tonight" that his issues with his mom go back to childhood. "When you go to boarding school at 7 years old, it's kind of hard to feel like you're not being shunned," he said.
"Is there still resentment over that?" Marciano asked.
"Yeah, but I'm at an age where I'm making peace with it because you just have to. But I still ... it doesn't mean it's right. It's still wrong to do that."
While Elijah Blue admitted he sent his Christmas tweet while angry, his feelings today are less extreme.
"You know, man, we have our issues. We've worked through a lot of them," he said. "We've got some more to go, but when you're an adult, you take on a different sort of tone than when you're an adolescent and I'm not going to sit in an adolescent's kind of a mind frame because that'll affect me negatively in my own life when I start my own family, so you got no choice if you want to be a balanced person, but to ultimately heal. But, there's unresolved stuff, for sure."
Yahoo reached out to Cher's rep, but the singer is not commenting on her younger son's new interviews.
Elijah Blue also spoke with "Entertainment Tonight" about his relationship with his half-brother Chaz, 44.
"We were close [growing up]. I think what happened was, Chaz went off to a performing arts school back east and I went off back east as well, later to prep school, and so, you know, from there we kind of took different paths, but for a minute growing up we were kind of close, yeah. We kind of grew apart when we started going to different schools and just not being geographically around each other," he explained.
"Were you there in support of, during his transformation?" Marciano asked.
"It was for sure a challenge. I mean, I knew about it many years ago. This had been sort of bouncing around for about a decade, and I went to that first year 'manniversary.' Any psychiatrist will tell you that there's a period of time that you have to come to terms with it. It's very tricky, it's a difficult thing to come to terms with just 'cause it's confusing. Not that it's morally wrong. I mean it's a real thing that people deal with. But it still, no matter all that logic, it still takes a second to adjust to."
Elijah Blue also told the Daily Mail that he and Angie are planning on starting a family soon. "My mom has always said she's super excited about that, she loves kids," he said.
Maybe Cher's first grandchild could be just the thing to bring this family back together?

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