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Thursday, 13 February 2014

Michael Keaton Schooled 'RoboCop' Co-Star Joel Kinnaman on Man-Suits

As cool as actor Joel Kinnaman looks in the new and improved "RoboCop" suit, those who have experience wearing movie super-suits, like Kinnaman's co-star Michael Keaton, know that there is a degree to which you suffer for your art in order to bring a costumed character to life.
"Oh yeah it's not even close," Keaton said of how the lighter and more technologically advanced RoboCop suit differs from the cumbersome one Keaton wore in Tim Burton's "Batman" (1989). "You suffer for your art. This is a breeze. I told Joel all the time, 'This is a little boy's suit, not a man's suit.'"
Kinnaman (TV's "The Killing") took it all in stride and even seemed to welcome his co-star's playful ribbing.
"Yeah sometimes I'd complain a little bit [about wearing the suit] and I got no sympathy from Mr. Keaton," he said. "He was like, 'Shut up, you're just being a little bitch. You've got it easy, they had to glue my suit on.'"
Joel Kinnaman in 'RoboCop' (Photo: Screen Gems)

Lack of sympathy aside, Keaton said seeing Kinnaman walk around in the complicated getup reminded him of only great memories in the Batsuit and working with Burton.
"It was fun. It was a gutsy move on Tim's part and on my part too I suppose, it was a huge risk back then," he said. "When I first did it I thought, 'Well if this doesn't work it, it really doesn't work in a big way and if it works, it works probably even in a bigger way.'"
One other point of order we addressed with the cast members (including Gary Oldman and Abbie Cornish) is the ability to act with one's jaw, since when RoboCop is in fighting mode almost all of his face is covered, save for the lowest section.
We asked the actors to explain their techniques -- with the help of our handmade RoboCop mask, naturally. Oldman clearly wins this sequence of the interview -- for not only willingly taking the mask to demonstrate a few facial maneuvers, but flashing that golden smile, too.
"RoboCop" opens in theaters Feb. 13.

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