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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Amanda Seyfriend Carries Knife On A Plane By Accident! Tweets TSA To Teach Them A Lesson About Security!

Amanda Seyfriend sure knows how to teach people a lesson, even though this one sort of happened by mistake!
The actress unknowingly brought a swiss army knife onto her flight, and only realized it after she had already managed to get through security.
Amanda Seyfried running errands in West Hollywood 
Upset that the airport security didn’t catch that she had a knife on her, she decided to tweet the TSA to alert them of what had happened.
"Dear TSA: This Swiss Army knife wasn't detected through security and I unknowingly carried it on board. Scary!" she wrote.
In addition to her message, she also included a picture of the swiss army knife that she had brought onboard.

Perhaps this will be a lesson to airport security that if she can bring a knife on board, so can other people who might not have the best intentions!
Amanda Seyfriend is currently working on several film projects, one of which includes He’s F**king Perfect, an upcoming romantic comedy.

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