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Sunday, 16 March 2014

Holly Willoughby Pregnant With Third Baby

She’s going to be a Mummy again!
She's preggers! 

Holly Willoughby has announced she is expecting her third baby with husband Dan Baldwin!

The presenter who is already Mum to a Belle, 2, and Harry, 4, tweeted her exciting news this afternoon saying how they were just as surprised as we are!

She first tweeted a super cryptic: ‘I've got something to tell you....’ before sharing her amazing
“Surprise Surprise (and it was a surprise!!) I’m really happy and excited to tell you that Dan and I are expecting baby number 3!!”

"We feel blessed and very lucky to be giving Belle and Harry a little brother or sister later this year," the star wrote on her website.

Holly Willoughby and her hubby Dan are expecting! 

So get ready for lots more sleepless nights Holly, and plenty of dirty nappies because it’s all about to happen all over again!

Holly said back in November how she was feeling ‘broody’ for baby number three and obviously, got cracking shortly after this!

It seems it is baby-central  in celebland today after Tom Fletcher announced he and his wife have welcomed a baby boy, Katie Piper gave birth to a baby girl and now Holly has announced she is expecting!

Seriously, there must be something in the celeb water.

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