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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Courtney Stodden Tries To Ride A Bike In A Plunging Swimsuit And Wedges... And Fails Spectacularly

She's not exactly the sporty type.
Courtney Stodden went on a nice peaceful bike ride in LA... but there was trouble ahead. 
And when Courtney Stodden tried her hand at cycling on Thursday things, predictably, went very, very wrong.
Clearly unsure of what to wear for a relaxing bike ride around LA... the glamour girl decided on a plunging halterneck swimsuit and seven-inch stripper heels, obviously.

But if the CBB star thought that she'd created the perfect photo opportunity, she was sadly mistaken as everything went seriously pear-shaped pretty quickly.
Perhaps too preoccupied with giving her perfect toothy grin for the camera (which just happened to be in front of her), Court took her eyes of the road with DISASTROUS CONSEQUENCES.
Courtney Stodden managed to maintain eye contact with the camera as she fell. 
Before long, any scrap of dignity that the model had left was swiftly taken away from her as her mint green bike went careering into the bank.
Narrowly managing to avoid a nip-slip, Court tumbled from the bike onto the grass, putting out her hand to save herself.
But, ever the professional, Courtney managed to keep that big ol' grin in her face and more importantly, managed to keep looking at the camera.
The spotlight-loving star seemed to see the funny side of the *hilarious* mishap and laughed it off - with a rather maniacal (and slightly scary) glint in her eye.
Courtney Stodden knows how to work the camera. 
Proving that she's a tough nut at heart, Courtney was back up in no time and cycling off into the sunset with her riding partner.
Inexplicably, Court was spending the day with BMX star Alias Mix - who seemed to be taking time out to teach her to actually cycle (not very well.)

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