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Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez Pawing Each Other Is Really Hot, But Really Weird

Sexy, nimble, and endlessly appealing, Ricky Martin and Jennifer Lopez got their grind on in Wisin's latest music video "Adrenalina"... and it is really weird.
Separate from his partner-in-crime Yandel (who had his own solo album last fall), Reggaeton star Wisin made a pretty darn good replacement by enlisting two of the biggest names in Latin music. Wisin had worked with both stars on their own songs, so it's only natural they return the favor. But Wisin and the song itself take a backseat to Lopez and Martin's music video antics.

What happens when the male and female epitomes of Latin passion join forces? This:
And whoa, this:
Oh boy

While there's no debate as to how hot the pair are together, it's still strange to see the pair groping each other with such conviction, since it's well known that Martin is gay. But then again, what gay man or (any living, sentient being, for that matter) wouldn't want to get all over J.Lo?

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